President Iohannis meets the winners of the Civic Angers competition : We are at a stage when very many politicians are losing touch with people

We are now at a stage when very many politicians are losing touch with people, which is a serious problem and even a danger, President Klaus Iohannis stated on Tuesday, within a dialogue with the winners of the Civic Angers competition, part of the Once Upon a Time in Romania project initiated by Initiative Romania.

“I liked the challenge when the contestant needed to get in touch with a person holding a public office. (…) We are now at a stage when very many politicians are losing touch with people. And this is a serious problem and even a danger for, if the people elected are no longer in touch with the voters, things get to be debated in parallel by one and the others, which eventually leads to a lack of confidence in the politicians’ work and this, for instance, in the European space, leads to Euro-skepticism and it’s dangerous for it estranges us from a very good project,” said Iohannis.

The President also drew attention on the lack of concept in education. He brought to mind in the context of the “Educated Romania” project, which he hopes to be successfully implemented.

“Romania has a great chance to build a solid future for itself among the nations but only if it focuses on education. We have very many young people who are very interested, very talented (…) We also have good people in the system, not enough, it’s true. We need permanent training. What is missing right now, what has been missing in the past 30 years, is a concept to say what Romania wants in education. We just continue like this, by virtue of inertia. (…) We are developing the “Educated Romania” project, we gathered working opinions, we want to have as many people as we can working for this project, we want many interesting opinions, future-oriented. We are no7 in the stage where we have a first draft, a very rough version for now (…) which should materialize in a project that we are going to put up for public debate,” said the head of the state.

He also pleaded in this context for dual education. “The future of a youngster is in Romania,” said the President.

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