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February 25, 2021

MAI’s Dajbog: Over 25,000 employees engaged in actions to keep public safety and order on New Year’s mini-vacation. Almost 4,000 offenses signaled on Christmas holiday; 19,000 fines worth 6.5 million lei

Over 25,000 employees of the Interior Ministry (MAI), out of whom 16,000 public order personnel and 1,400 traffic policemen are engaged in actions for maintaining public order and safety on New Year’s mini-vacation, Spokesperson of the MAI, chief commissioner Monica Dajbog announced on Thursday.

According to the MAI official, a high attention will be paid to ensuring the safety of the participants in the 125 large-scale public events that are to be organised on New Year’s Eve, where more than 300,000 people are expected to attend. The most significant events will be organised in Bucharest, Brasov, Sibiu and Cluj.

“For the New Year’s Eve, we recommend citizens to take extra protection measures, especially if they are to stay in cold weather for several hours. Dress accordingly and take great care of your children. For your safety, use only pyrotechnic items for entertainment which are allowed by the law and only if you take the necessary measures not to endanger the people around you, material goods, animals or the environment,” Dajbog conveyed.

Furthermore, the citizens are advised to avoid excessive alcohol consumption and to pay attention to personal goods, and, if needed, call the 112 emergency number or request support from public order policemen or firefighters.


Almost 4,000 offenses signaled on Christmas holiday; 19,000 fines worth 6.5 million lei


The Police and Gendarmerie teams answered to 13,000 calls made by the citizens via the 112 emergency calls service, with approximately 660 offenders being caught in the act and 20 who were nationally hunted and one who was internationally hunted were discovered by the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, this institutions’ spokeswoman, chief-commissioner Monica Dajbog informed on Thursday.

Moreover, there were signaled 3,589 crimes and the policemen gave 19,000 fines worth a total of 6.5 million lei for crimes against person (1,235), patrimony (1,221) and for possession of explosive substances (89), for breaking the road safety regime (590).

The personnel of the emergency inspectorates conducted 5,700 interventions, out of which 4,795 for granting emergency medical assistance and 319 for extinguishing fire.

“We are kindly asking the citizens once again to be prudent and to take all the necessary measures to prevent fire, especially when the consequences could be very serious and even cause losses of human lives as, unfortunately, happened these days. Most fires were caused by chimneys that hadn’t been cleaned, deficient or improvised heating installations or that were left unsupervised,” stated Monica Dajbog.

In respect to the violation of the road safety norms, the traffic policemen applied approximately 13,000 fines worth a total of 4.5 million lei. They held 1,457 driving licenses and 266 registration certifications.

As part of the action “Fireworks Fire,” by which they checked the legality of the pyrotechnic items during this time of the year, the police conducted 2,397 controls seizing 10,599 kg of pyrotechnic items worth an approximate 710,000 lei.

The border police teams also applied serious sanctions worth more than 37,000 lei, the value of the seized goods reaching up to 624,000 lei.

Moreover, during this time, the personnel of the General Aviation Inspectorate conducted 37 air-medical missions and road traffic monitoring missions.

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