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May 22, 2022

President Iohannis promulgates several laws: Law by which patient has right to appoint person with access to their medical file, promulgated

The decree to promulgating the Law for the completion of Art. 24 with the Patient’s Rights Law No. 46/2003 was signed on Thursday by President Klaus Iohannis.

On 28 November, the Chamber of Deputies passed the draft law providing that the patient can appoint a person to have access to the confidential information from the medical file. So, the draft law amends the Patients’ Rights Law No. 46/2003, in the sense that the patient could designate through an accord stipulated in the general clinical observation file, in a separate box a person to have full access both during the life and after the patient’s death, to the confidential information within the observation sheet.


Law on financing penitentiaries, promulgated by Iohannis


President Klaus Iohannis signed the decree on the promulgation of the Law on the Financing of the National Administration of Penitentiaries and of the subordinated units.

On 28 November, the Chamber of Deputies adopted as a decision-making body the bill on the financing of the activity of the National Administration of Penitentiaries and the subordinated units, detailing the sources of income by type of unit, given that the current regulation does not offer such regulatory information.

The draft stipulates that the National Penitentiary Administration and penitentiaries may, as the case may be, make their own incomes from service activities such as transportation to third parties, accommodation and meals in their own training centers; income from the disposal of decommissioned goods and waste, refurbishment of leased premises, penalties and indemnities, subsidies for agriculture, participation guarantees, guarantees of good execution, and the sale of tender dossiers; income from participation fees in competitions, taxes / fees on psychological testing, the organization and functioning of outlets and kitchen units, as well as the rate applied to menus served to persons outside the penitentiary administration system; donations and sponsorship revenues; revenue from voluntary transfers and other incomes, according to the law.

At the same time, the establishments listed above may earn their own income from the work of the inmates.


Iasi becomes Historical Capital, Alba Iulia is declared Greater Union’s Capital, as promulgated by President Iohannis


President Klaus Iohannis on Thursday promulgated a series of laws, under which the City of Iasi is declared Historical Capital, whilst the City of Alba Iulia becomes Capital of Greater Union, a release by the Presidential Administration sent to AGERPRES.

Iohannis has also promulgated laws that complete the Fiscal Code, the reform in healthcare field, and the setting up of the 2019 Book Year in Romania.


Iohannis promulgates laws on instituting National Constructor Day on 14 September, Prefect’s Day on 2 April

President Klaus Iohannis signed on Thursday the decrees promulgating the laws on instituting the National Constructor Day on 14 September and the Prefect’s Day on 2 April.

On 28 November, the Chamber of Deputies decided to institute the Constructor Day on 14 September, which will be marked by the central and local public administration authorities as well as by the non-governmental organizations through the organization of specific events and public actions.

On 14 September, 1895 the Fetesti – Cernavoda bridge, known as the “Anghel Saligny Bridge” or the Bridge “Carol I,” was inaugurated. It was largest bridge in continental Europe in that period and the third-largest in the world (4,087.95 meters).

Also on 28 November, the Chamber of Deputies adopted the bill on the establishment of the Prefect Institution Day on 2 April.

The draft stipulates that this day can be marked by the central and local public administration authorities as well as by the public cultural institutions in the country and abroad by organizing cultural and scientific programs and events dedicated to the recognition of the role and merits of the Prefect Institution in the development of the country economically, culturally and socially.

The material and logistic support necessary for the organization of these events can be provided by the budgets of the central and local public administration authorities, within the limits of the available funds.

At the same time, according to the legislative initiative, on this occasion, the Romanian Television Corporation and the Romanian Broadcasting Corporation may include in their programs cultural programs or coverage of the events dedicated to this celebration.


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