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December 3, 2021

IGPF: More than one million people crossed border during Christmas holiday

The Romanian border has been crossed by more than one million people in the December 21-26 period, resulting thus an increase of 10 per cent against the same period of last year, as no blockages or long waiting times were recorded.

“Over December 21-26, the Romanian border was crossed by approximately 1,035,000 persons, out of whom 635,000 were entering and 400,000 were exiting the country and 250,000 transportation means, 154,000 of which were entering the country and 95,000 were exiting Romania,” informs a release of the General Inspectorate of the Border Police on Friday sent to AGERPRES.

The most transited border checkpoints were the Western ones, where approximately 450,000 persons were recorded crossing the border, the same as the checkpoints at the airports – 260,000 persons and the ones at the border with the Republic of Moldova – 159,000 persons and Bulgaria – 68,800 persons.

“With the New Year’s Eve holiday coming up next, we will maintain the measures meant for streamlining traffic through the border checkpoints, in this respect the 4,000 border policemen following to daily conduct surveillance and control activities at the state borders,” reads the same release.

Since many Romanians are expected in the next interval to exit the country to spend their New Year’s Eve abroad, it is expected the traffic to grow, in both people and transportation means, especially at the border with Bulgaria and the one with Hungary. Thus, the Romanian Border Police recommends using all the border checkpoints.

At the Romanian-Bulgarian border there are 10 checkpoints opened for international traffic.

Information regarding the waiting time at the border checkpoints is provided through the Trafic on-line application, available on the Internet page www.politiadefrontiera.ro

This on-line application presents an average of waiting times at the border checkpoints for certain time intervals and the posted values can suffer modifications depending on the dynamic of the traffic at the respective border checkpoint at a given time.

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