PSD’s Dragnea doesn’t rule out Tariceanu running in presidential elections. “Iohannis is a puppet; Ciolos does not belong to Romanians, he belongs to multinationals, and not only”

Social Democratic Party (PSD) chairman Liviu Dragnea on Thursday said he didn’t rule out the alternative of a candidacy of Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) leader Calin Popescu-Tariceanu in the presidential elections, mentioning that it is important to have a common candidate of the two parties making up the ruling coalition.

“I am planning, within a reasonable amount of time, Mr. Tariceanu and I plus the two parties to reach the conclusion that there must be a single candidate and after that we’ll also decide who stands the most chances. I don’t rule out any alternative, I don’t rule out the alternative with me, the alternative with Mr. Tariceanu or anyone else. The person we find as standing more chances, because Iohannis’s reign must come to an end. Five more years with Iohannis mean disaster for Romania,” Dragnea told Antena 3 private television broadcaster.

He mentioned that the Social Democrats’ goal in the presidential elections is that the future preside be the PSD-ALDE candidate.


Iohannis is a puppet; there is a Pahontu-led group of people from various institutions


Liviu Dragnea also said that President Klaus Iohannis would be a “puppet” and at a same time a “beneficiary” of the parallel state and that the Protection and Guard Service (SPP) head Lucian Pahontu would be leading a group of people belonging to various institutions, with the main goal of making money and controlling the state institutions.

“I have announced several times that I hope we’ll manage to disband, destroy, break into pieces this underground system, this parallel state, this occult system. There are high chances… (…) It’s not [led by] Iohannis. Therefore Iohannis is a puppet. He is a beneficiary who is surely enjoying it and also giving orders and having requests. It is this group of people, it seems that now the most influential in the group is Pahontu, as he has past experience, when he grew up under Traian Basescu. (…) For a long time I have made the mistake to say: this is an evil, superior intelligence. Not at all. It’s just a group of people of all institutions. There is no institution not having people belonging to this parastate structure, the SPP, the SRI [Romanian Intelligence Service], the SIE [Foreign Intelligence Service], the Army Intelligence Directorate, the ANAF [National Agency for Fiscal Administration], customs, police, Border Police, 215 [unit], all ministries. They have two goals, to illegally make money, and to keep control over the state institutions, to protect these businesses, because, in the end, all these actions have one goal, that is to make loads of money,” Dragnea told Antena 3 private television broadcaster.

In respect to Klaus Iohannis, Dragnea voiced his conviction that his main objective is getting a second mandate. On the other hand, the PSD leader said that Iohannis will not manage this because “he has done nothing.”

Asked why he thinks the efforts to dismiss the Government through the censure motion failed, Dragnea replied that the initiators of this demarche “were not smart” and were liars.


“Ciolos does not belong to Romanians, he belongs to multinationals, and not only”


Dragnea on Thursday also stated that President Klaus Iohannis and the former Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos are currently in a fight to win the support of the Opposition for their respective candidacies in the presidential elections, and that Ciolos doesn’t belong to “Romanians,” but to “the multinationals.”

“(Ciolos – editor’s note) is not ours, he does not belong to the Romanians. He belongs to the multinationals, and not only. He does not belong to Romanians. He didn’t belong to us when he was European Commissioner either, or when he was a Minister and – especially – he didn’t belong to us while he was a Prime Minister, knowing what he did and what he did not do…,” Dragnea told Antena 3 private television broadcaster.

He reproached the opposition the fact that in the past two years his only objective was to criticize the Government and PSD.

“They showed their value, and by this I mean that they showed not just how weak they are, but also how incoherent. For the only objectives that I saw, and you saw it too, in this past two years, that the Opposition has – we are speaking now of PNL – the National Liberal Party and the USR – the Save Romania Union, for I don’t know nothing about the PMP – People’s Movement Party, were to say: Dragnea is corrupt, Tariceanu is corrupt, the government destroys Romania, “Down with the Government!,” “Down with the PSD!,” “Down with Dragnea!,” while they didn’t come up with anything. It seems like this government not only that have done things to the benefit of Romania, but it will continue to do so. In 2019 they will only say: vote ours. But they haven’t decided who that will be. Not there is a fight going on between Iohannis and Ciolos,” said the PSD leader.

He also mentioned that in Brussels they were expecting the Government to fall in the motion of censure and the Prime Minister office would go to the European Commissioner Corina Cretu.

“In Brussels, they already were certain that the government would fall. Mrs Dancila was asked, when she was there back in December, some days before the censure motion: Is the Government going to fall or not? Of course it won’t fall. They were also saying on the Brussels halls that Mrs. Corina Cretu will be Prime Minister. I don’t know about that, I don’t know if they promised her that, or they didn’t promise, whether she knew or not, whether she was going to accept or not, I have no clue. This is something that she need to clarify herself, not me. And there we were, facing the motion of censure, where they showed once again, for I don’t know how many times, how many they are. They were less than the ones who signed the motion,” said Dragnea.


“For JusMin too there comes a time when appreciation no longer compensates lack of decision”


SocDem leader also stated that the modifications to the Criminal Codes must be presented within a reasonable amount of time to the Prime Minister by the Minister of Justice, while mentioning that there comes a time when appreciation for someone can no longer compensate for the same person’s lack of decision.

“The Criminal Codes must come into force as soon as possible. (…) We discussed this and I believe that Mrs. Minister Tudorel Toader, the Minister of Justice, within a reasonable amount of time, needs to present this modifications to the Prime Minister, in order for them to be adopted through an ordinance (emergency ordinance – editor’s note) and all this circus in which we continue to file challenges with the Constitutional Court including for mere comas, only to delay the process a little, cannot continue, since we are still talking about an important law here,” specified the Social Democrat leader for Antena 3 private television broadcaster on Thursday.

Dragnea also mentioned that the modifications to the Criminal Codes are political decisions agreed at the governing coalition level and they must be adopted.

“I also have enough appreciation for the Minister of Justice, but – not only in his case, but in anyone’s case – there comes a moment when appreciation can no longer compensate for the lack of decision or for the sine die delay. These must be adopted, there are political decisions, we discussed this at the coalition too and these are not political decision made out of a whim, the Codes are not for me. I believe that, from what I saw, and I understood, increasingly more people understand that this story is in fact a lie, that: “Anything they want is for Dragnea to take an advantage from it,” and those people in order to prolong the blockage as much as possible are saying: “We are building another file to include that and the other, all for him. Mr. Toader, make up something, you give all there is, besides me, you just leave me separately. We cannot block a country, we cannot block the reform, the system, the right to a free trial, the protection of fundamental rights at a minimum acceptable level in any democratic country of the world … This is a major objective, this is no joke. I hope they will get that,” Dragnea said.

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