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September 20, 2021

Ambassador Luminita Odobescu: Romania, determined to contribute to enhancing European project

Romania and its citizens are strongly determined to contribute to the enhancement of the European project, based on the observance of the EU fundamental values and principles, during the period of exercising the Romanian presidency of the Council of the European Union, the permanent representative of Romania to the European Union, Ambassador Luminita Odobescu says in an interview with AGERPRES.

The diplomat says it is paramount that the Romanians feel that “this European project belongs to them”, showing that a period full of challenges in both logistic and as regards the European agenda is ahead of us. “The rotating presidency assumes often the adjustment to unexpected, quick reactions and sustainable solutions,” she adds.

“Our country’s mandate is for and about the citizens, having at its core their expectations regarding the European Union, and also Romania’s role within the community project. (…) We are talking about over 1,.600 technical reunions and rd 50 ministerial reunions that are taking place in Brussels, alongside other promotion events, to which the ones organized in Romania add, it is a huge logistic effort of the entire public administration in Romania. A true diplomatic marathon will be, during which we wish to present to our European partners, and not only, to the European bodies’ representatives, an ambitious, creative and modern Romania, deeply attached to the European project,” Luminita Odobescu adds.

In her opinion, a momentum of the Romanian presidency of the EU Council will be the Summit in Sibiu, on 9 May that will be dedicated to the EU future and the new strategic Agenda of the EU leaders. The Sibiu summit is preceding the European election, when the citizens will state their options and decide upon the course of the European Union for the next 5 years.

Moreover, the permanent representative of Romania to the EU emphasizes that the accession of our country to the Schengen Space stays an important political target and that a positive decision will bring real advantages to the European Union, thus contributing to the increase of its capacity to give a better answer to the current security challenges, considering Romanian’s excellent expertise in this field.

Referring to the effective exit of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from the EU, due to take place during Romania’s term at the wheel of the EU Council, the Romanian diplomat says that although the UK is preparing to leave, the deep cooperation in the future, the profoundness of the historical connections and the common values shared are contouring the landmarks of an important future relationship for both London and Brussels.

In connection with the future of the European Union, Luminita Odobescu points out that unity must remain the gist of the European project and the force that should allow the challenges’ overcoming that have affected the EU in its decades of existence.

Likewise, the Romanian ambassador believes it important for the business milieu in Romania to be much more present within the various European associations so to be able to promote better its interests.

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