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September 23, 2020

Dacian Ciolos denies meeting Florian Coldea in Vienna

On Monday, in a Facebook posting, Dacian Ciolos denied meeting former Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) Deputy Director Florian Coldea in Vienna, an allegation published by the local press. The ex-Premier criticised journalists for publishing unverified information.

“We risk becoming the captive spectators of an ugly world “decorated” with the ever more desperate lies of those who govern us. A world in which scandal, obscenity and callousness are trying to cover up the corruption, nepotism and ineptitude of government officials. I’ve got used to the aberrations stated about me and my activity. I found out that Soros is allegedly my father, that I’m a fierce ultra-nationalist, member of a party I never joined, and that the occult powers from Brussels are telling me what I must do. Recently, the pro-PSD press bestowed upon me the gift of ubiquity. I have secret meetings with Florian Coldea in Vienna. Vienna is a pleasant place in December, good to visit, it’s just that I haven’t been there in four years. I haven’t seen Mr Coldea since 2016, back when we met in an official setting, at an event that was as public as possible,” Dacian Ciolos wrote on Facebook on Monday.

“But does truth or common-sense matter? A quasi-anonymous publication writes that I’m meeting Coldea – it must be so. Two days pass, time in which the lie is rolled forward by vassal “analysts” in various TV shows. This piece of news is then published in the central press, which “forgets” to verify whether the information may be disinformation, a lie launched by those who complain of being oppressed by the Deep State. Only then am I given the “right” to comment on statements that were not checked with me prior to them being published,” Ciolos added.

He considers this episode a PSD plan to manipulate and misinform the public opinion.

“Well, this is the only sure way to irredeemably poison society. To transform us into a scared, distrustful and easily manipulated people, into the perfect people to be ruled by Dragnea and Valcov. Romania needs people like you, honest, hard-working and commonsensical people that would get involved in politics, determined to democratically change a political class that is catastrophic for us all. They won’t stop me from doing everything I can to bring about this change for the better,” the former technocratic Premier concluded.

A Cluj-Napoca-based newspaper published the information that Dacian Ciolos, Mihai Razvan Ungureanu and Florian Coldea met in Vienna.


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