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May 9, 2021

President Iohannis: Romania loses when a young person doesn’t find opportunities at home

Romania stands to lose each time a young person doesn’t find at home the professional and personal opportunities they are looking for, President Klaus Iohannis says in his message on Tuesday on the occasion of the tenth edition of the Gala of Romanian Students Abroad.

In the message presented by state advisor within the Presidential Administration Education and Research Department Ligia Deca, the head of state congratulated the League of Romanian Students Abroad, as well as the representatives of the private sector for the initiative to award some of the Romanian students who distinguished themselves through their academic career abroad.

“These young people are ambassadors of the Romanian culture and education and represent an important vector in building the image of our country,” says President Iohannis in his message.

According to the head of state, without the contribution of the Romanian youth who studied abroad the modern Romania foundation couldn’t have been laid, bringing to mind the members of the generation of 1848, who used the experience of their studies in Western Europe to promote the idea of having democratic and modern institutions in the Romanian Principalities.

“The technological and cultural progress of our country has always been facilitated by the free movement of ideas, the cooperation with other people in Europe and worldwide. Unfortunately, over the recent years this mobility has mostly been unidirectional. Romania stands to lose each time a young person doesn’t find at home the professional and personal opportunities they are looking for. However, this doesn’t mean that we discourage academic mobility, because this represents an important source of partnerships and contributes to the creation of joint economic or research projects with specialists from other states. In the context of globalisation, the young Romanians who study abroad can become a catalyst for Romania’s economic and social development,” Iohannis shows.

“Capitalise on the education you received here, in Romania, and show the entire world that Romanians are an open and creative people! (…) I wish you success in your activity and I hope you will manage to transpose your talent in remarkable achievements over the years to come, including in our country,” the head of state conveyed them.

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