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March 2, 2021

Misa claims ANAF did everything to recover the damage from Iohannis

Former President of the National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF), Ionut Misa, claims that the Tax Agency cannot do anything today in order to clarify the situation regarding the damage caused by President Klaus Iohannis by renting the houses in Sibiu.

“At that time, we presented the situation to the Minister, we wrote to him several times. Reports were requested on the procedural steps that we performed at that time in order to recover the claim. As we mentioned before, there is no proof of debt. The court decision is not a proof of debt for ANAF. Moreover, ANAF wasn’t the body that should have recovered this amount, at this procedural stage”, added Ionut Misa, who was the ANAF President between March 28, 2018 and January 3, 2019, in an interview for Antena 3, broadcasted on Tuesday evening.

The Tax Agency’s lack of authority in this procedure was certified later by both the National Cadaster Office and the Justice Ministry, according to the statements of the former ANAF President.

“There was a correspondence with the Justice Ministry also. Justice Ministry also certified that ANAF cannot take any action at this stage. The issue has to be analyzed by the Finance Ministry. I know that the Legal Department of the Finance Ministry forwarded several reports to the Minister. They presented the situation each time, mentioning the steps to be followed. Right now, from the legal and procedural point of view, ANAF cannot take any action, other than those who have been already taken”, Misa explained.

Moreover, the former head of ANAF reminded that, upon the request of the Public Finance Minister, the Tax Agency sent a request to the Cadaster Office for the registration in the Landbook, as a step, but the latter refused to perform the registration because ANAF wasn’t entitled to perform this action and had no title based on which it was able to request the registration.

“Such registration or a debt recovery is always made based on a proof of debt”, Misa added.

The former President of the Tax Agency mentioned he never talked with President Iohannis on the issue of the latter’s houses with problems, and the President didn’t look interested in such a dialogue.

“I never talked with the President on this issue. Personally, the only talks I had with the Romanian President were the discussions held at CSAT. I never had any other discussion with him, on any subject, including this one. (…) He never requested any information. As far as I know, at least, no request from him was received by the ANAF President’s office or by me personally, in order to provide him with any information on this subject. Neither officially nor unofficially”, Misa explained.

Misa was the Minister of Public Finance between the end of June 2017 and the mid-January 2018.

As for the President Iohannis’ income from private lessons, the former President of the Tax Agency mentioned he received several requests from media, based on the Law no.554. “Such information is subject of the tax secrecy, and at that time the answer was according to this situation, mentioning that the information is subject to tax secrecy and cannot be disclosed”, Misa pointed out.


Former head of Tax Agency: There are teams of two people that attract more than EUR 100 million after a fiscal verification


Former head of the National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF) presented on Tuesday evening one of the ways by which the collection of taxes and fees to the state budget can be increased, and gave the example of the Directorate for Large Taxpayers Administration.

“Please do not forget that I, as a person and as an ANAF representative and as a manager of the Directorate for Large Taxpayers Administration, was the first one who initiated verifications in the banking system, the first one who performed actual checks at the banks, I have prepared these checks for two years, I have prepared people, I’ve trained people, I’ve created a special service for the financial-banking and insurance system. Also, let’s not forget that under my leadership, the first checks have been performed in Romania at the multinational companies. There is more to do regarding the oil&gas companies. We need to prepare more people. It is strictly necessary to motivate these people”, Ionut Misa stated on Tuesday evening in an interview for Antena 3.

As for the number of people who can perform these checks, former head of ANAF gave the example of the directorate he headed, namely the Directorate for Large Taxpayers Administration, where there are 480 people and 410 seats occupied.

“They manage to bring 43% of the amounts to the budget (e.n. – that must be collected to the budget). There are teams of two people who attract additional amounts of 100 million euros, not RON, after a single fiscal verification action. Amounts of millions of RON are already regular – if two or three years ago such amounts were extraordinary, they are now regular. But there’s no doubt that there is potential, more can be done, but we must consider very much and very seriously the human resource and the financial resource we offer in order to get results”, Misa explained.

ANAF had 17 employees in the department for the verification of banks and insurers, who had to check banks and insurers all over the country, but today there are only 7 employees in this department. “We didn’t have the needed financial resources to be able to hire more people. We haven’t received money to hire people”, Misa claimed.

Romania is one of the countries with the lowest collection level in the European Union, with a weigh of taxes and fees of almost 26% of the GDP.

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