Basescu on Presidency of EU Council: Romania will get a “decent” mark

Traian Basescu has stated that, at the end of its Presidency of the Council of the EU, Romania will get a “decent” mark and our country “will proudly join” the long list of states during whose presidencies “no progress was made in creating a vision on the future of the EU.”

“We can have an excellent and courageous presidency! Romania’s Presidency seems destined to take place in the greyness of the latest presidencies of the European Union, whether we are referring to Bulgaria’s or Austria’s. The same priority topics, whether we are talking about migration, BREXIT, asylum, border security, EU budget and Eurozone budget, common agricultural policy etc. Nothing new, and at the end of the Romanian mandate the same list will be passed on to the next presidency roughly in the same stage it was in at takeover, and the mark that Romania will get will be “decent,” and the country will proudly join the long list of countries during whose presidencies no progress was made in creating a vision on the future of the European Union,” Traian Basescu wrote on Facebook on Wednesday.

The ex-President added that our country could “rattle” – with three great projects – an EU that seems to be confused and lacking courage.

“Romania can rattle the European Union, which seems confused and lacking courage in defining its own future, by launching three great projects from the height of the Rotating Presidency of the European Union, namely:

  1. The battle for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to remain in the European Union;
  2. Planning the processes so that the United States of Europe would form in the next 15-25 years;
  3. Planning the financing and completion, in the next 10-15 years, of the Rotterdam-Rhine-Main-Danube-Constanta great river transport line,” Basescu explained.

Likewise, the PMP Senator said that all three projects entail an extraordinary diplomatic effort, especially the one meant to achieve, in a first stage, the postponement of Brexit.

“There are solutions for each of the three great projects, but they all entail a formidable diplomatic effort, so that at the end of our mandate the first project would be achieved at least through a postponement of BREXIT in a first stage, and the second and third projects would remain on the agenda of the Council of the EU for the following presidencies. We can have a presidency that would get the “EXCELLENT” and “COURAGEOUS” marks. Why not? P.S. – the arguments in favour of the three projects are too lengthy to be posted,” Traian Basescu concluded.

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