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April 11, 2021

Corina Cretu would like to run in EP elections and is considering Victor Ponta’s proposal: If I’m no longer wanted somewhere, what am I to do? Go in the mountains at 50 years of age?

European Commissioner Corina Cretu stated on Friday evening, for Digi24, that she would like to run in this year’s European Parliament elections and she is considering the proposal that Pro Romania leader Victor Ponta has pitched in this regard. “If I’m no longer wanted somewhere, what am I to do? Go in the mountains at 50 years of age?” Corina Cretu said referring to the criticism levelled against her from within the PSD.

“Yes, I want to run. (…) I’ve been PSD member since the age of 22, since 1996. These attacks bother me so much so that for a place on the list I’m willing to jump from one side to another. I’ve stayed within the PSD, despite these attacks and insults, because I care about this party. If I join Pro Romania, I won’t be joining a different political area, I’ll be joining the Prime Minister who made me top of the list. I don’t understand why Victor Ponta is demonised within the PSD,” Corina Cretu stated.

“I’m a Social Democrat, but if I’m no longer wanted somewhere, what am I to do? Go in the mountains at 50 years of age?” she added.

Asked whether she received from within the PSD any proposal to run in the elections, Corina Cretu said: “Not publicly.”

“I would never join the right wing. I wasn’t born MEP, but experience shows that the more time you spend in Brussels the more experience you gain, you can help your country,” the European Commissioner pointed out.

Cretu pointed out that Victor Ponta is the man who nominated her as European Commissioner and he “is PSD.”

“Ponta is the man who backed me. Those who are now at the helm are upset that Victor Ponta nominated me. (…) I would like to run and I’m considering the proposal pitched by Victor Ponta. It was said I’m betraying. What am I betraying? Basically, Ponta is PSD,” she said.


Iordache on Corina Cretu’s announcement on her EP elections candidacy: She must wait for a discussion within the PSD. I’ve never seen a European Commissioner attacking their own Government


Social Democratic Party (PSD) Vice President Florin Iordache criticised Corina Cretu for announcing that she wants to run in the European Parliament elections and that she has received an offer from Victor Ponta’s party in this regard. Iordache claims that Cretu should have waited for a discussion within the PSD and said he has never seen a European Commissioner attacking their own Government.

“The way the commissioner attacked the Romanian Government bothered me. I’ve never seen a commissioner attacking their own Government. Had she been from an Opposition party, maybe, but I wouldn’t have understood her in that case either, even more so since she got there nominated by PSD. Attacking the Government of your country for not doing, for not making all efforts, for the absorption rate… and so forth, that’s not all right. Don’t you think the first offer should have come from your party and you should have a discussion with your party? There was a reception two evenings ago, after the concert at the Athenaeum, and I didn’t see her there. All 27 commissioners were there and, whether by chance or not, she wasn’t. Proof of fair play would’ve been for her to wait for a discussion,” Florin Iordache stated on Saturday in a phone interview with Antena3.


PSD Secretary General: She wanted to let us know she has an offer. I wish her good luck


PSD Secretary General Codrin Stefanescu stated on Saturday, for MEDIAFAX, that Corina Cretu “insisted on letting us know” that she has an offer from Victor Ponta as regards the EP elections, adding that he wishes her “good luck.”

“I understand she has an offer from Victor Ponta, and she insisted on letting us know this. I wish her good luck,” Codrin Stefanescu stated for MEDIAFAX.

He criticised Corina Cretu for her positions against the PSD and the Government.

“Personally, I haven’t seen any European Commissioner attacking their own Government, their own party, their own country, except for Corina Cretu. From her position – earned through the work of her PSD colleagues too – she wanted to attack us, very often unjustifiably or in an exaggerated or deceitful manner, and we were obligated to respond every time,” Stefanescu added.

Likewise, he accused Cretu of not communicating with the Social Democrats.

“I’ve personally invited Corina Cretu, countless times, at the party headquarters, to talk with me, with her colleagues, to engage in better and more balanced dialogue with the Prime Minister and the Government, but in time Corina Cretu got accustomed to talk with us via the press,” the PSD Secretary General concluded.


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