Firea informs she was ill and hospitalised at Cantacuzino and Colentina hospitals

Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea informs that she was ill, and she thanks the physicians from the Cantacuzino and Colentina hospitals.

“Some tests that appear in our lives are too difficult to overcome by oneself. God helps us be surrounded by people who pick us up. I thank those who stood by my side in what concerns the health problem I have had during this entire time. I thank the medical teams from the Ion Cantacuzino and Colentina hospitals. I knew you were just as good as any European medical centre and I was not wrong in trusting you. I thank my family and my dear friends who have shown me so much love, which, along with the interventions and treatments, got me up on my feet,” Gabriela Firea wrote on her Facebook page on Sunday.

She also posted a photo showing her alongside Prof. MD Iulian Brezean.

Firea did not offer details about the health problems she had.

Lately she no longer appeared at public events and was criticised for not having a position and not taking any measure after dozens of apartment buildings in Bucharest were left without heating and warm water in recent weeks because of damage registered in the RADET network.

Gabriela Firea’s previous Facebook posting is dated January 7. She also posted a message on New Year’s Eve.

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