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August 15, 2022

President Iohannis: British government must clarify its position. ForMin Melescanu: No-deal withdrawal of UK from EU, due to cause issues for Romanian citizens, as well. MRP: Brexit effects – a priority for Romania; we regret result of vote in House of Commons

President Klaus Iohannis said on Wednesday that the British government must clarify its position after the landslide defeat in the UK Parliament of the Brexit agreement negotiated by Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May.

Iohannis considers that the decision of the British Parliament is regrettable.

“Last night, the British Parliament rejected the agreement presented by the British government, an agreement that had been negotiated. It is important to note there was no imposition of the agreement, it was a deal negotiated by the team established by the EU27 and the government of the United Kingdom. This is a procedural step and the result is regrettable. I still consider this agreement to be a good one, as it guarantees – provided that it is approved in the end – an orderly withdrawal of the UK and allows for building a future relationship in good conditions,” Iohannis said at the Cotroceni Palace.

“I think we need to look at two aspects that are important both for the EU and for us, in the country. First of all, the British government needs to clarify its position, we need to know what will happen next in the UK. The procedures that may eventually lead to the approval of this agreement are not yet exhausted, and this would be the best solution. On the other hand, the EU27 are prepared for other variants too. Many are wondering whether the renegotiation of this agreement is possible or if there are different positions in the EU27. And at this point I can very clearly tell you: the EU27, that is us, those who remain in the Union bloc, are united. There are no divergent approaches. On the other hand, this long-negotiated agreement that was approved by the EU27 will not be renegotiated,” the President said.

Klaus Iohannis added that no one should panic, stressing that Romania is ready to pertinently exercise the Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

“Having consideration of these aspects, we are expecting to learn the position of the British government, but this is no reason to get anxiety, no one has to panic, and it is not the case to rush into commenting on the various possible scenarios. Great Britain must clarify its further position after which we will take the necessary measures. I repeat: the EU27, ie the European Union is ready for all the possible variants and we are ready to play our role as the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. These things are very clear and important to know,” said Iohannis.

The head of the state also said that no one should worry at this moment for the Romanians in the UK.

“Many Romanians have relatives and friends who work or live in the UK and are now asking themselves: what happens to our fellow nationals in the UK? If this agreement gets approved in the end, the Romanians in the United Kingdom will enjoy all the rights and guarantees for staying there. This is the best option, but we are prepared for negotiations, which will be successfully conducted in other scenarios too. So, at this moment no one has to get uneasy about the Romanians in the UK. We are here, we are prepared, we will provide solutions,” President Iohannis assured.

The British Parliament rejected on Tuesday by a large majority the Brexit agreement negotiated with Brussels by Conservative Premier Theresa May, in a crucial vote for the future of the United Kingdom, two-and-a-half-months before the date set for UK’s departure from the European Union.

Theresa May’s government is facing on Wednesday a no-confidence motion tabled by the opposition Labor Party.


ForMin Melescanu: No-deal withdrawal of UK from EU, due to cause issues for Romanian citizens, as well


Foreign Affairs Minister Teodor Melescanu said on Wednesday that the decision of the Parliament in London on the Brexit agreement is regrettable and equates to a departure from the European Union without any legal provisions, arguing that in this case there will be problems for all European citizens in this country, including the Romanian citizens.

“We regret that a decision has been adopted which is basically tantamount to the idea of a UK withdrawal without any legal provisions. It is a Parliament decision that we have to respect. What we are interested in is receiving an official communication from the British authorities with what they want to do next, which is quite delicate, given that a vote of no confidence in the prime minister was also called for (…) In the event of a UK withdrawal without any agreement with the EU, there will indeed be problems for both the Romanian citizens who are in the UK and the British citizens who are from different countries in the EU, including Romania. This no-deal withdrawal could create direct issues for both the Romanian citizens and all the European citizens living, studying, working in the UK,” Melescanu said at the seat of the Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE).

He stressed that the acceptance of the draft agreement regarding the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the Union and the political statement on the future of the relations between the UK and the EU show that solidarity exists at EU level.

“It is hard to ponder on all these issues now, given that the process is underway. I assure you that on our part there will be all the willingness to do everything we possibly can, so that the withdrawal of the United Kingdom to be an orderly withdrawal, based on some legal documents, rather than the other variant that is simply an exit from the EU without any regulation,” Melescanu said.

He stressed that the EU is awaiting a communication on behalf of the British Government about what it intends to do next.

“Depending on what London officials are to present, we will have to see how we can respond. There is also the possibility (…) of extending the period for the United Kindom’s departure from the EU. (…) As far as we are concerned, as Presidency, [of the EU Council, ed.n.], we are open to look for any possibilities for continuing the dialogue, but we need to see what the stance of the UK is and what the stand is at EU level. We, as rotating presidency of the EU, are ready to provide all the necessary facilities to have discussions on this issue,” added Melescanu.


MRP: Brexit effects – a priority for Romania; we regret result of vote in House of Commons


The Ministry for Romanians Abroad voiced his support for the Romanian community in the UK, in the context of the rejection by the British Parliament of the Agreement on Brexit.

“We remind that, in the context of the negotiations at European level regarding the effects of Brexit, we have been focusing on protecting the rights of the citizens. We believe that, in the next interval too, the citizens, both the European citizens in the UK and the British ones in the EU27, must remain our priority, which is why our common objective should be, no matter what scenarios are brought up by the negotiations, to minimize the negative effects on their lives, as much as possible. We regret the result of the vote in the House of Commons. A retreat without any agreement of the UK from the EU would trigger serious consequences for both the EU – the member states, and for the UK. However, we hope that, through dialogue, the British parliament members will reach a consensus on Brexit,” reads a release of the Ministry for Romanians Abroad (MRP).

During the entire negotiation process, EU27 has constantly proved its willingness to identify acceptable solutions for both parties, shows the same source.

“The EU27 stand remains that the negotiated Agreement is a balanced one that properly addresses all the concerns of the parties involved. While holding the rotating presidency at the Council of the EU Romania will plead for dialogue and cooperation in reaching a result that will have the interests of all European citizens at its core,” reads the same release.

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