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January 27, 2022

Arafat: More than 900 million euros, until 2021, for endowment of emergency situations sector

The military firefighters will receive five fire trucks in the next two years, the emergency medical structures other several hundred new ambulances and, for the first time, the Salvamont [mountain rescue teams] and Jandarmeria Montana [the mountain gendarmes] organisations in 25 counties will receive several tens of special vehicles to intervene in the mountain area, with difficult access, the head of the Department for Emergency Situations, Raed Arafat, stated on Friday.

“The tender for the fire trucks has been resumed, it had to be resumed for technical reasons, the opening will take place in two-three weeks and the current funds will allow us to buy around 500 fire trucks, this year and next year, which means between 8 and 12 new cars per firefighters inspectorate, depending on the size of the county and number of subunits. This I believe will solve the problem of the trucks that are more than 30 years old,” said Raed Arafat, who also specified that, at present, more than 41 of the car park is from before the year of the anti-communist revolution of 1989.

The DSU head also reminded that in 2018 there were purchase 80 turntable ladders – special for high point rescues. “We are in the process of holding another tender for a new number of turntable ladders, to cover all the localities that have from a certain number of people up, blocks and higher buildings, and need such ladders for interventions,” mentioned Arafat.

He also added that, after a “long blockage,” the first 420 ambulances already arrived at the ambulance services and SMURD in December last year, namely 100 were for SMURD and 320 for the ambulance services. Arafat also mentioned that for the rest of the vehicles, up to approximately 1,200, there were already signed the contracts in January, the deliveries following to start in April and the project to be finalized by July-August.

For the first time, Raed Arafat mentioned, there will also be equipped and standardized at national level the mountain rescue structures, with European funds. “I hope that the vehicles will arrive this year and we will have them in the next winter, special intervention vehicles for the mountain area, with difficult access, for the Salvamont and Jandarmeria Montana teams. There are 25 counties on the list for this endowment, including the Alba County – and it’s about 2-3 vehicles that will for sure arrive in your country. The vehicles have specific equipment for mountain rescue missions for a 3- or 4-person intervention team, while they can also carry the wounded from an area that is difficult to access to a point wherefrom the ambulance or SMURD vehicle can take him/her over. It’s a first,” explained the DSU head.

Moreover, added Arafat, the structures will also be endowed with helicopters for mountain rescue missions. “It is about four helicopters, in the case of which the tender has already reach the advance evaluation stage and I hope that next month the agreements will be signed (…). It takes one year and a half up to two years for the helicopters to be delivered. We still have a number of helicopters that we are about to purchase and the tender is on its way. I’s about search-rescue average heavy helicopters, which can be used in extinguishing fire in the woods, transporting multiple victims, transporting materials and in search-rescue missions facing very difficult conditions, including in the maritime area,” specified Arafat.

The DSU head also said the total amount to be spent on the emergency situations sector, including the medial one, (…) will exceed 900 million euros by 2021. (…) So, all these endowments will transform our structures, either if we speak of the IGSU (the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations) or the country inspectorates, or the General Aviation Inspectorate, Salvamont, we are going to transform them into much more efficient intervention units,” concluded Raed Arafat.

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