President of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Romania Vainerdecorated by Democratic Forum of Germans in Romania

President of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Romania (FCER) Aurel Vainer was decorated on Friday by the Democratic Forum of Germans in Romania (FDGR) with this organisation’s Medal of Honour.

“We want to build friendship and understanding bridges. (..) Thanking you for this honour, I wish with all my heart to continue this friendship collaboration, necessary between the few Jewish remaining in Romania – about 7,000 compared to 850,000 before the World War II, at Romania’s borders back then – and the few Germans who are still here. Let us be in harmony, work together on beautiful projects,” Vainer stated within the festivity carried out at the “Friedrich Schiller” Culture House.

The FCER President, the first non-German ethnic awarded with this distinction “for special merits in cultivating friendship and collaboration between the German and Jewish communities of Romania,” reiterated that he promoted and still promotes values such as remembrance and gratitude, an attitude which will materialise in a project carried out by the federation.

“We have a memory, the facts must be remembered, the good and the bad ones, but we all, and I personally promote gratitude, another value that cannot be forgotten. We can’t stop being grateful to those non-Jews who have been close to the Jewish sufferings, regardless of the people they belonged to. And in Romania we have a number of righteous men of the people, it’s not too big, but I want to tell you that, talking about gratitude, I have thought about it and I will implement a special remembrance and gratitude project. Gathering from the people who are still alive everything they know about remembrance and gratitude. They are Romanians and non-Romanians who have greatly helped the Jews without nobody knowing about it. We, the Federation of the Jewish Communities in Romania, want to find out these things and then express our gratitude,” Aurel Vainer explained.

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