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March 23, 2023

PSD’s Fifor criticises Iohannis for the statements made in Aachen about the Government: It is time we are allowed to concentrate on good governing, Romanian-Romanian war must cease

The president of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) National Council, Senator Mihai Fifor, criticizes the head of state, Klaus Iohannis, for the statements made in Aachen about the Government, stating that the time has come for the “Romanian-Romanian war to end”, and PSD should be allowed to focus “on good governance”.

“President Iohannis lost yesterday a very good opportunity to keep quiet or talk for Romania! From a purely electoral interest he succeeded in throwing mud in the country’s government, although the place and moment – Aachen, the resigning of the Treaty between France and Germany – they demanded decency, pro-European attitude and national solidarity. Unfortunately, yesterday’s image shows us a gentleman Iohannis who claims that there is no systematic obstruction, the sabotage that he, as president, fiercely practices, unforgivably delaying the promulgation of necessary laws, blocking useful initiatives for the people and the economy, attacking for the sake of the attack to the CCR [the Constitutional Court of Romania, ed.n.] essential laws only because they were voted by the current PSD-ALDE political majority… Perhaps the most eloquent and revolting example is the absurd refusal, outside the law, to appoint Transport and Development ministers and compromise/delay thousands of projects expected by local communities – water, canal, asphalt, school, kindergarten – but also large infrastructure investments. Therefore, President Iohannis – the saboteur of good governing, despite clear evidence, accuses PSD of ruling badly,” Fifor wrote on Wednesday on his Facebook page.

He argues that “facing the electoral unleashing of President Iohannis are the figures, the facts of PSD’s governing: 20.6 percent increase in purchasing power calculated at the average salary, over 18 percent increase in purchasing power at the level of the average pension, the creation of over 100,000 new jobs last year, the lowest unemployment rate, the highest number of employees – over 5.5 million, the fall in government debt – from 37 percent to 35 percent of the GDP over the last two years, robust and sustainable economic growth – 7 percent in 2017, 4.5 percent last year.”

“If all these positive developments and officially certified information, including Eurostat, are proof of poor governing, as President Iohannis holds, illogically, but with an electoral interest, what can be said about the ‘performance’ of his supporters in PNL [National Liberal Party, ed.n.], former PDL [Liberal Democratic Party, ed.n.], who cut pensions, wages, closed hospitals, left people in the streets? Is it so easy to forget the Boc/Basescu disaster? Or was it better with ‘my government’, the Ciolos government, known as the zero government because it did nothing?” wrote Fifor.

The PSD senator warns that the electoral campaign must be unfold “within the limits of the law and the letter and the spirit of the Constitution”.

“We believe that it is time for the Romanian-Romanian war to cease, it is time to be allowed to focus on good governing, in favor of every Romanian, in the country or wherever he/she might be, and the electoral campaign be carried out within the limits the law and the letter and spirit of the Constitution, and if possible, at home,” added Fifor.

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