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September 24, 2020

PM Dancila: JusMin did not talk about amnesty. He talked about an emergency ordinance that would allow those tried by panels of judges set up illegally to have the certainty that they were tried fairly

Premier Viorica Dancila stated that one can talk about “new disinformation,” pointing out that the Justice Ministry did not talk about amnesty. “The Justice Minister talked about an emergency ordinance that would give those tried by panels of judges set up illegally the possibility of having a panel of judges set up legally, so as to have the certainty that they were tried fairly,” she says.

“I would reiterate what European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker stated, namely that three things must be observed in each European Union member state: the rule of law, the fight against corruption, and human rights. Well, I don’t see how Romania infringed upon the rule of law. And I wouldn’t want this topic to become an electioneering topic. If someone in Romania believes they stand to win by making this an electioneering topic, I don’t believe that. I believe this topic will cause damage to Romania,” Viorica Dancila stated in an interview that Antena 3 broadcast on Saturday.

Regarding human rights, the Premier said we must think that, first of all, laws at both national and European level – directives and regulations – are made for citizens.

“But the rights of citizens must be observed. And we know very well, in Romania there hasn’t been much talk about the human rights, about the rights of those who were unjustly convicted, the rights of those who did not have panels of judges legally set up, about the rights of those who served time only to be found not guilty afterward. We can’t say that some citizens have rights while others do not,” she stated.

Dancila said that there must be a balance between these aspects.

“The Romanian Government, we all support the fight against corruption. Not supporting this is out of the question. But we shouldn’t put this label on Romania, that there is corruption in Romania and corruption does not exist in the rest of the member states. And what is sad (…) is that we are the ones who have stuck this label on Romania. There is corruption in all member states, but nobody has come out to say: there is corruption in my country. And I believe corruption, and the fight against corruption, we shouldn’t stick it on a certain member state, we must address it at the level of all member states, precisely in order to have a balance and to have generally valid solutions,” the Premier said.

Dancila added that one can talk of new disinformation in what concerns the amnesty.

“I have carefully followed the message relayed by the Commission, and I have seen new disinformation. It talked about amnesty; the Justice Minister did not talk about amnesty. The Justice Minister talked about an emergency ordinance that would give those tried by panels of judges set up illegally the possibility of having a panel illegally [sic] set up, so that they would have the certainty that they were tried fairly. Concerning this, trials may resume for those that were acquitted too, for those that were convicted too, there may be harsher convictions, or there may be cases in which it will be discovered that these convictions shouldn’t have been issued, so this gives citizens the chance to have a fair trial, and I believe this is part of human rights. Precisely the fact that there was no mention of this and there was a mention of amnesty shows once again that the information being sent to Brussels is not in line with the facts,” the Premier added.

Frans Timmermans sends PM Viorica Dancila letter on GEO on appeal for annulment. Why is the leader of the European Commission concerned

On Thursday, January 24, European Commission First Vice President Frans Timmermans sent Premier Viorica Dancila a letter on a potential government emergency ordinance (GEO) that would introduce the appeal for annulment. In it, he expressed his concern and asked for clarifications regarding certain aspects.

“First Vice President Frans Timmermans has expressed his concern and has asked for clarifications regarding certain aspects, in a letter sent to the Prime Minister on January 24,” one of the European Commission’s spokespersons pointed out in response to a MEDIAFAX question.

According to him, the European Commission is “closely” following the Romanian discussions on a potential emergency ordinance on extraordinary appeals in criminal cases following the recent decisions adopted by the Constitutional Court.

“The Commission has already taken note of the first decision – the five-judge panels (November 8) – in its latest Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) report. I remind you that President Juncker has been clear as regards the issue of a potential amnesty, during his recent visit to Bucharest. As the Commission has repeatedly said, it is essential for Romania to return on the right track in the fight against corruption, to ensure an independent judiciary and to avoid any backsteps,” the European Commission’s spokesperson added.

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