European People’s Party’s Secretary General on Dacian Ciolos: I believe he is a bit opportunistic. EPP official slams PSD for taking political battle to Brussels

European People’s Party (EPP) Secretary General Antonio Lopez stated on Monday that Dacian Ciolos “is a bit opportunistic.” Lopez pointed out that he does not understand what the former technocratic Premier’s commitment is, against the backdrop in which he may run in the European Parliament elections and then in the presidential elections.

“I believe he (Dacian Ciolos – editor’s note) is a bit opportunistic. I know the commitments of some of the politicians you mentioned, but you must be attached to the European party that will change things. And what is the commitment when you will run in European Parliament elections as top-of-the-list candidate, and then you want to be a candidate in the presidential elections? What is the commitment? I don’t understand,” EPP Secretary General Antonio Lopez stated, referring to former technocratic Premier Dacian Ciolos, when asked for his opinion on a possible alliance between the USR and PLUS.

During PNL’s National Political Bureau meeting on Monday, PNL President Ludovic Orban announced the Liberals that he has ordered another opinion poll that would test how a potential USR-PLUS alliance would fare in the European Parliament elections, political sources have told MEDIAFAX.

“The poll will show the score of a potential USR-PLUS alliance. It will have more than 1,000 respondents,” party sources have told MEDIAFAX.

Even though the PNL ordered last year a poll measuring voting intentions in the European Parliament elections, its questions did not include political alliances but only individual parties, the sources pointed out. Unlike that poll which had 26,000 respondents, and whose results have been partially presented by PNL leader Ludovic Orban, this poll will only have just over 1,000 respondents.

The current poll ordered by PNL shows that Ludovic Orban’s party currently garners 27.8 percent of the votes, while PSD scores 30.2 percent. ALDE is third, with 11.5 percent of the votes, followed by USR (10.2 percent), Pro Romania (5.5 percent), UDMR (5.1 percent), PLUS (5 percent) and PMP (4.2 percent), according to MEDIAFAX’s political sources.

The mentioned sources claim that PLUS, Dacian Ciolos’s party, scores 5 percent, while PMP scores 4.2 percent.


EPP official slams PSD for taking political battle to Brussels


EPP Secretary-General Antonio Lopez Isturiz-White said on Monday that the ruling Social Democratic Party (PSD) uses Brussels as political cannon fodder, and accused the Social Democrats that their claim that the Liberal MEPs destroy Romania’s image is a lie.

Addressing the beginning of the meeting of the PNL National Political Bureau, Isturiz-White said that he has not come from Brussels to offer advice on how to win elections, as he trusts PNL with the necessary experience for acting so as to win, and emphasized the party’s commitment to staying in touch with people at either presidential, European, parliamentary, local or parliamentary elections as a major difference to the ruling PSD. He added that unlike PSD, the Liberals will not use Brussels as political cannon fodder. He also praised the lengthy stint of the party both in the government and in the opposition, when it has constantly worked for the good of Romania and of the Romanians. Isturiz-White thanked for this Liberal Chairman Ludovic Orban, adding that he had wanted to join PNL now, in the run-up to the European Parliament election.

The European official also said that the Social Democrats are lying when they claim that the Liberal MEPs destroy Romania’s image.

Regardless of who is at rule, the PNL thinks of the good of the Romanians. I don’t understand this mania of the Social-Democrats to claim that the MEPs from the PNL are destroying Romania’s image in Brussels. They lie. They lie because the Romanian Liberal MEPs have always asked me to bear Romania in my mind and heart in all my statement. I cannot say the same about the Social-Democrats and I am also referring here to Frans Timmermans, who is running for the EC President and who criticizes Romania. I don’t understand this hypocrisy. The PNL MEPs, and I would not say this if I were not sure, they will work for the good of the Romanians, said Antonio Lopez Isturiz-White.

The EPP Secretary General stressed that the number of MEP seats the PNL will manage to secure in the European election this May is very important for the election of the President of the European Commission.

Antonio Lopez Isturiz-White also said that whoever wants to complain, become Eurosceptic and be weak knows where to turn to – they can choose between the ALDE and the Socialist Party.

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