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December 1, 2022

PNL’s priorities in 2019: Reintroduction of high school admission exam and Dragnea’s dismissal

The National Liberal Party (PNL)  presented on Monday its priorities for the new parliamentary session. The reintroduction of high school and faculty admission exams, dismissing Liviu Dragnea from the helm of the Lower Chamber, and abrogating Government Emergency Ordinance no.114/2018 are among them.

“For the start of the new parliamentary session, PNL launches for public debate, in order to subsequently table bills, the amending of the National Education Law so as to have the high school and faculty admission exams reintroduced. Likewise, the PNL proposes that the number of school counsellors be doubled for schools to be able to guide children toward the best educational route,” Raluca Turcan stated on Monday following PNL’s National Political Bureau meeting.

PNL Lower Chamber whip Raluca Turcan added that “PNL will table a bill so that each school benefits from a properly equipped medical office staffed by specialised personnel.”

Senator Florin Citu pointed out that the Liberals will demand the expediting of the vote on DNA’s request to lift the immunity of Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu in view of a criminal probe.

“Priorities in the Senate: we have already announced a simple motion for Minister Teodorovici, we will table it on the first day of the session or in the first weeks. At the same time, considering the changes in the Senate, we believe we now have enough votes to trigger a committee of inquiry into several fields, such as the ASF, and we will demand the expediting of the vote on the start of the criminal probe against Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu,” Florin Citu stated on Monday at the Palace of Parliament.

Other priorities of PNL in the next parliamentary season are:

“- Dismissing Liviu Dragnea from the position of the Speaker of the Deputies’ Chamber. He refused twice to convene the extraordinary sessions requested by 1/3 of the MPs in August 2018 and in January 2019. He violated the constitutional principle of the separation of powers, of the independence of justice, and he used his position in his own interest. He made statements without having a mandate, in the name of the Deputies’ Chamber, against USA, EU and NATO. He blocked abusively the parliamentary initiatives of the Opposition parties. He is finally sentenced in the case related to defrauding the referendum and he is investigated in another case – he has no moral or professional capacity to hold this position;

– Amending the State Budget for 2019 in relation to the development priorities of Romania, not of the criminals. Romania needs a budget to support investments, to finances priority fields for our country, such as: education, health and road infrastructure;

– Reconfiguring the parliamentary majority;

– Assuring the functioning of the institutions of the rule of law and of the balance between the state powers;

– Restoring a balance of the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) in the light of the new appointments;

– Blocking politicizing the public institutions which are under parliamentary control: CCR,  Romanian Television (TVR), the Ombudsman, the National Bank, etc.

– Imposing a request from the Romanian Parliament for the expertise of the Venice Commission on the amendments brought to the Criminal Code and Criminal Procedure Code;

– Collaborating with the international partners”, according to a press release sent to MEDIAFAX.

Also, PNL wants to amend the laws on health: “Corporate management in the Romanian hospitals. Although Romanians are paying more and more money for health, although the health budget is much higher than 20 years ago, hospitals look bad, they don’t have facilities or even enough medicine stocks. Poor management which many times is imposed by political decisions contributes to this situation; Drastic measures to fight trafficking, trade and consumption of ethnobotanic products. Although many years ago this phenomenon wasn’t known by our youngsters, today it is worrying not only by its size, but especially by the categories of affected people – in particular, middle school and high school children. Consequences can be deadly many times. Thus, we will support a legislative initiative to increase the punishments for drug trafficking, including for those in the category of ethnobotanics. Around 600,000 youngsters aged between 15 and 34 have used an illicit drug at least once. The prevalence of the drug use in the 16-year old students is 10% (ESPAD Report, 2011). Only in 2014, Romania has registered 33 cases of death caused by drug use and 23 indirect cases associated to the drug use”, according to PNL’s list of priorities.

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