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November 29, 2022

FinMin Teodorovici on 2019 budget: A great part of budget financial resources will be earmarked to Healthcare and Education

A great part of the financial resources of the budget will be earmarked to the Healthcare and Education sectors, Public Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici stated on Tuesday.

“Healthcare and Education won’t necessarily be favorites, but these are the sectors where we politically decided to allocate a large part of the budget financial resources. It will definitely be 2 percent for Defence, as it was promised, it will be respected, and, of course, the investment in the public sector, support for the economy, various interesting and attractive state aid schemes,” Teodorovici stated at the Palace of Parliament.

When asked why there have been so many versions of the budget draft, Eugen Teodorovici mentioned: “Because our wish is that a great part of the money available be directed towards the important areas of our economy and you will see in the budget proposal areas such as Healthcare, Education, Investments. We have all said it for a long time and you will see that the difference between last year and this year on various sectors of economy will be a very large one, a substantial one.”

According to him, the delay in adopting the 2019 budget “has absolutely no impact.”

When asked if there are cuts in the Presidential Administration budget, Teodorovici said that there are the proposals convened in the discussions with the structures involved.

In respect to the refund of the environmental car registration tax, Teodorovici said that the draft budget provides the necessary amounts for reimbursement.

Asked if the staff expenditures would be cut down in the 2019 budget, he said: “Last year, we, as well as other colleagues at the Government, the coalition level said the same thing: the administration must be, in principle, a supple one, efficient, it must work to the benefit of the citizen, not to block. It must be as supple as it should.”

Furthermore, he showed that we works very well with Darius Valcov, who is the PM’s counselor.


PM Viorica Dancila’s adviser: Budget for 2019 based on exchange rate of RON 4.7/EUR


The budget for 2019 has been built on an exchange rate of RON 4.7/EUR, Premier’s adviser Darius Valcov stated on Monday on RomaniaTV.

Valcov says that the latest evolution of the exchange rate, which saw the RON reaching historic lows for eight days in a row, is artificial.

“This entire appreciation is artificial. It hasn’t been discovered yet, and there will probably be an analysis too, after the Competition Council is done auditing the ROBOR; maybe an audit into these exchange rate speculations – if there are exchange rate speculations – will also start. After all, persons who have contracted euro-denominated loans are affected. The state too must pay off certain loans which reach maturity during this period and the costs go up the moment the euro appreciates. An ordinance will be published, an ordinance that was adopted by the Government, which obligates the Competition Council to come up with results in 6 months at most, and the Finance Ministry will ask the Competition Council to verify the way the ROBOR has been reported in the last three years,” Valcov said.

The Competition Council announced on Monday that it is carrying out an investigation into the evolution of the ROBOR, against the backdrop of the issuance of Government Emergency Ordinance no.114 on certain fiscal measures, an ordinance that introduces a tax on greed.


Teodorovici backs purchase of airliner for Romanian officials to fly to Brussels: I find it normal and commonsensical. There are finance ministers who go to Brussels on their personal jets


Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici announced on Tuesday that he supports the procurement of an airliner that would be used by Romanian officials to fly to Brussels, stating that he finds such a procurement “normal and commonsensical” considering that the finance ministers of other states use their personal jets to fly to Brussels.

The minister underscored that such a procurement has to do with the Government’s image.

“As finance minister, I support the procurement of such an airliner. It’s normal, commonsensical. There are finance ministers who arrive in Brussels, at meetings, on their personal jets. I’m not saying the finance minister should have one, but I find it normal and commonsensical. It has to do with the Government’s image,” Teodorovici stated at the Palace of Parliament.

He added that there are funds with which to carry out this procurement in 2019.

Teodorovici added that Government members currently use regular flights “on a case-by-case basis.”


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