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January 31, 2023

Opposition accuses the Government of preparing lists with the companies that bothered PSD. They are allegedly going to be checked by ANAF

Liberals accused the Government of preparing lists with the companies that bothered PSD and will be checked by the Anti-Fraud Directorate, through the protocol by which the National Commission for Strategy and Prognosis will select the taxpayers that will be proposed for the checks performed by the National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF).

“The Protocol concluded between Darius Valcov and a close friend of him appeared. According to a partially secret collaboration agreement between ANAF and the Commission for Prognosis, the Government is already preparing the lists with the private companies to be checked by the Anti-Fraud Directorate. The companies will be selected according to the evolution of the turnover and according to secret criteria. There’s no surprise that we see the same person – Darius Valcov both in one institution (ANAF) and in the other one (CNSP), because he appointed a “close” friend of him as the head of ANAF, while he is directly ruling the Commission for Prognosis, through the General Secretariat of the Government”, wrote on Facebook, on Tuesday, the leader of the PNL MPs, Raluca Turcan.

She also presented two reasons for which we should worry on this “doubtful” collaboration.


– Darius Valcov, sentenced for money laundering and influence peddling, is the one to make the lists with the companies to be checked by the Anti-Fraud Directorate. – “The other” SECRET “indicators”, based on which the list with companies assaulted by ANAF will be drafted, can be abusive and illegal. – The electoral campaign is coming, and PSD has created its vise by which it scares and forces the companies to “contribute” to the prosperity of the state-party. How comes that the PSD-ALDE majority claims they are fighting with the secret protocols that bothered certain politicians, while they are concluding agreements having partially secret content, oriented against the whole population? We will ask for the heads of the two institutions – ANAF and CNSP – to be heard by the parliamentary committees, in order to explain the need to have such a dangerous agreement”, Turcan concluded.

PNL MP Bogdan Hutuca also mentioned that PM’s councilor Darius Valcov will be the only one to decide which company from Romania is going to be checked by ANAF.

“Darius Valcov will be the only one to decide which company from Romania is going to be checked by ANAF, the only possible criterion being that the company in question has bothered PSD or it refused to donate money to the party. Valcov does this because he forced the conclusion of an agreement between ANAF and the National Commission for Prognosis, by which the Commission communicates to the Tax Agency the fields and the companies to be checked”, Bogdan Hutuca stated in a press release sent to MEDIAFAX on Tuesday.

The Liberal also said that Darius Valcov and “the rest of the clique” amended a law so that they will be able to exactly establish which company is going to be checked.

“Valcov and the rest of the clique hijacked the Law no.30/2018, which was voted by the Parliament and establishes exactly which company has to be checked, based on objective criteria and on a risk analysis established by certain indicators, not by a single person. The checks were made strictly according to these risk indicators. According to the Law no.30/2018, ANAF can intervene only based on a risk analysis, exactly in order to eliminate abuses as more as possible. The legislator’s intention was hijacked in the interest of PSD, which now uses ANAF as a pressure and control tool”, the PNL MP added.

“At this moment, the agreement can be used to settle accounts and to punctually punish certain companies which the PSD leaders from the central headquarters or from the country don’t like”, the Liberal concluded.

He reminded that the National Commission for Prognosis was moved from the Finance Minister under the authority of the General Secretariat of the Government, exactly to allow Valcov’s control on the indicators predicted by this institution, which is another abuse of the politician sentenced by the first court to 8 years in prison.

Liberals’ reaction comes after it was established that the National Commission for Strategy and Prognosis will select, starting from January 2019, the taxpayers proposed to be checked by ANAF, depending on their field of activity, turnover and other indicators, according to a cooperation agreement concluded between ANAF and CNSP on January 22.

The risk analysis whose purpose is to identify the sectors and the companies where there are potential fiscal risks, will be performed by ANAF according to the indicators in the databases of the fiscal body and to the statistic indicators sent by CNSP.

CNSP will communicate every month to the ANAF leadership the situation of the fields and trade companies with a high risk of tax evasion.

ANAF will inform CNSP on the results obtained in the issue of reducing tax evasion, after the checks that will be performed. The two institutions are planning to have legislative initiatives in this field and will form joint working groups.

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