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August 14, 2022

Firea, letter to Bucharest people: 25% of the Capital’s budget will be cut. Dragnea wants to cause chaos. PSD Bucharest leader contradicts her: The money of Bucharest people, back to them!

General Mayor Gabriela Firea sent a letter to the Bucharest people, announcing that 25% of the municipality’s budget, which means EUR 180 million, is cut by the draft of the 2019 budget, and stressing that this is the proof that Liviu Dragnea hates the citizens. Firea asked Tariceanu not to let himself be lied by sketches.

“With all my responsibility, I inform you that, by the Draft of the Budget Law published by the Ministry of Public Finance on its website, EUR 180 million, meaning almost 25% of the Romanian Capital, is cut! My conclusion is that Mr. Dragnea, the one who rules the Government de facto, hates the Bucharest people. No politician has ever been so fierce against the Bucharest people and against the inhabitants of the country’s municipalities, at the same time. I say this because the Dragnea Government gave something to the cities and even to the communes with one hand, and it took them back with two or three hands”, Gabriela Firea wrote in the letter addressed to the Bucharest people and send to the press.

The General Mayor also mentions in the letter that the argument brought to her was that there was a large amount of money cut from the Bucharest Municipality to be allocated to the districts.

“The only thing that Mr. Dragnea wants is to cause chaos in Bucharest and make us fight between us. Both the Bucharest Municipality and the district municipalities need financing, because they have different attributions. As Mister Dragnea thinks, it is a good thing to cut money from transport and give them to sanitation. But let’s return to reality: citizens also need buses, cleaning, repairing streets, health, education, parks, etc. We’re not begging the Government to give us anything. This is the money obtained from the income tax perceived from Bucharest people. Therefore, it’s our money, not Mr. Dragnea’s money”, the mayor added.

The quoted source also mentions that citizens will be directly prejudiced, since the districts are not entitled by the law to pay invoices for public transport, heating, 20 hospitals in which patients are coming from all over the country, public lighting, large infrastructure works.

“A politician who isolates the country, isolates the party, sacrifices people to achieve his goals, who makes his colleagues fight between them, manipulates and distorts reality. I am sure that more and more Romanians evaluate him to his true destructive dimension, and they will show him their opinion by voting. Bucharest people must know that this year we will have almost 25% less in all the areas, we will feel an acute crisis, and all these things will happen while the PSD Chairman boasts with economic growth and exceptional results in economy. He boasts he increased pensions and salaries, as if he pays them from his own account. I was there, as well as many other colleagues in good faith, when we decided together the important measures in the Governing Program”, Firea also wrote.

The mayor announced that she will inform all the parliamentary groups about “the danger that comes over Bucharest”.

“I hope the other mayors in the country who honestly represent the citizens and do not accept the guillotine of Mr. Dragnea, who punishes the Romanians, will join me. (…) I ask the governing partners, President Tariceanu and my colleagues in the PSD Executive Committee, not to let themselves be lied once more by the sketches with figures manipulated but nicely colored, brought by Mr. Dragnea at the meeting, by which he will lie to them that the budget is pink. Citizens from all over the country will suffer, most of the investment projects will be blocked and Mr. Dragnea will continue to say that everything is good and nice, despite the evidence”, Gabriela Firea also told to Bucharest people.


The PSD Bucharest leader contradicts Firea: The money of Bucharest people, back to them!


PSD Bucharest Chairman and the 6th District Mayor Gabriel Mutu contradicts Gabriela Fire and says the budget allocations to the local authorities are fair, being for the first time when this money is not wasted on Gabriela Firea’s concerts and fairs, through the Bucharest Municipality’s budget.

“It’s the first time when the districts of the Bucharest Municipality are fairly financed and will develop unitarily! The income tax paid by the Bucharest people return to the investments performed by the district municipalities. Additional money is now coming to citizens, being distributed directly to the Bucharest people, and there are no fund cuttings for the local budgets. Starting this year, the Romanian Government will allocate more than RON 1.1 billion from the State Budget for the funds that are necessary to develop local investments. It’s for the first time when this money is not wasted anymore on concerts, fairs, shows and other events of this kind, made by Gabriela Firea, through the Bucharest budget”, said the PSD Bucharest Chairman and the 6th District Mayor, Gabriel Mutu.

He added that the proposal to transfer the funds coming from the income tax back to the citizens, directly through the local authorities, was assumed by all the mayors of the six districts of Bucharest and forwarded to the Finance Minister.

“1st District Mayor, whose signature does not appear on this letter, said he supports this decision for a unitary development of the districts. Citizens need local investments, the thermal rehabilitation of the residential buildings, the modernization of schools and streets, the improvement of parks and schools, and many other sustainable projects.  All these things are best known by the district mayors, who are close to the communities they manage. Thus, the Government’s decision is in the benefit of those who want full transparency in managing the public money and in sustainable investments for Bucharest”, Gabriel Mutu also said.

Firea and Mutu also had other exchanges of replies in the recent days. PSD Bucharest Chairman Gabriel Mutu stated on Friday for MEDIAFAX that the General Mayor did nothing notable in two years and a half of mandate, while Firea replied to him that projects are made according to the immediate needs of the citizens, not according to the districts.


Stefanescu to Firea: She has to take care of the interest of the Bucharest people. There are still a lot of things to be done


PSD’s General Secretary Codrin Stefanescu told Gabriela Firea she has to solve Bucharest people’s problems because she assumed the General Mayor mandate under the party’s logo and mentioned it’s not true that money has been cut from the PMB budget.

“I tell Mrs. Firea one thing. First of all, she has to take care of the interest of the Bucharest inhabitants, the Bucharest people. There are still a lot of things to be done in Bucharest. She has a very difficult mandate. It’s the first mandate she assumed when she ran under the logo of the three roses of PSD.

He added that it’s not true that there is less money allocated for the Bucharest General Municipality’s budget by the 2019 draft budget, in the context in which Gabriela Firea stated the Municipality receives 25% less, namely EUR 180 million less.

“Everyone reading the budget knows very well it’s not true. Moreover, Mrs. Firea always had a very open relationship with the Romanian Government and the Finance Minister. Therefore, she had a permanent dialogue in particular with PM Viorica Dancila and the Finance Minister. At this moment, there is no mayor in Romania who is dissatisfied with the budget, and things will be adjusted by the Parliament, since the budget has to be voted. There will probably be some amendments to be submitted by both our MPs and the Opposition MPs, and everybody is fighting for more money. Indeed, the country produced more money. The money has been allocated very well. It is the first budget after the Revolution with fabulous amounts for health, transport, education. For all the areas”, Stefanescu concluded.

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