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March 29, 2023

Dragnea: The Securitate has formed two parties. Maior and Coldea’s party – Pro Romania – on the left, Ciolos’s party on the right. Ponta: Liviu, you’re scratching your scab again. You were pleading with Maior to hire your girlfriend at the SRI

Social Democratic Party (PSD) President Liviu Dragnea claims that “the Securitate” has formed two parties: Pro Romania – formed by George Maior and Florian Coldea – on the left wing, and Dacian Ciolos’s party on the right wing, pointing out that this shows great desperation.

Asked, on Sunday evening, for his opinion on the alliance that the USR and PLUS formed for the European Parliament elections, the PSD leader answered:

“The Securitate has formed two parties. One on the left, one on the right. Maior and Coldea’s party – Pro Romania – is on the left, and Ciolos’s party is on the right; it’s simple. This shows very great desperation, the fact that they’ve started to activate their operatives shows great desperation, which is good,” Dragnea stated.

Asked whether the PSD-ALDE alliance risks losing the parliamentary majority, against the backdrop in which several Social Democratic parliamentarians have recently joined Victor Ponta’s party (Pro Romania), the PSD President answered: “A parliamentary majority is not lost. A parliamentary majority is tested when voting on laws and censure motions. It seems they’ve miscalculated.”

Likewise, when asked whether he expects other parliamentarians to resign from his party, he said: “I never expect it. If undercover operatives are no more, no one will leave anymore; if there still are, more will leave.”


Ponta: Liviu, you’re scratching your scab again. You were pleading with Maior to hire your girlfriend at the SRI


Pro Romania President Victor Ponta immediately reacted on Facebook. Ponta writes that Liviu Dragnea is “scratching his scab again,” and reminds him that in 2015, the year Dragnea was convicted, he insisted on Ponta asking the “boys” from the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) to help him out, adding that Dragnea was also pleading with George Maior to hire his girlfriend at the SRI, the fact that he was married not being of importance to him either.

“Liviu, you’re scratching your scab again? I no longer have the time or mood for the filth in which you live with your buffoons and mistresses, but people must know the truth!” Ponta wrote on Facebook.

The ex-Premier went on to write:

“1. I remember you were cutting the pig at SRI’s T14 villa and you were handing out the pig skin to your table companions

“2. I remember you ordered expensive wine from America, as a birthday gift for Florian Coldea, in order to impress him / and after the December 2016 elections you ran off to Coldea to ask him to persuade Iohannis to appoint you Premier

“3. I remember you were pestering George Maior to hire your then-girlfriend at the SRI (the fact that you were married didn’t matter, because you’re for the <<traditional family>>) and you kept explaining that she knows Russian because she studied in Moscow

“4. Should I recall that the day you were first convicted by the HCCJ in 2015 you came to my office and pestered me that we should go to the “boys” at the SRI, for you to ask them to help you out with the appeal?

“Won’t you change this broken record and tell us how many times you used the budget funds allocated to the PSD to pay for private jet and helicopter flights for you and your new girlfriend in 2018? If you scratch your scab on your own, I can help you,” Ponta concludes.

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