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May 20, 2022

Firea: I’m not going to any other party, I am a PSD member. Next year, I could run as an independent candidate for the Bucharest City Hall. I’m thinking to be Liviu Dragnea’s rival, wherever he goes. PSD’s secretary general Stefanescu: We won’t expel Firea, she gives up mandate if left the party

Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea stated on Sunday  evening at Romania TV that she doesn’t want to go to another party, but she thinks she will be excluded from PSD, and next year she will be able to run as an independent candidate for the City Hall, if Liviu Dragnea will continue to be the party’s chairman. She says she didn’t think to run for presidential elections, but she would consider to be Liviu Dragnea’s rival for any position.

“I’m not going to any other party. I am a PSD member. Probably I will be excluded, since it seems that people speaking true things are not really appreciated. I hope until the last moment that my colleagues will still realize that Mr. Dragnea makes so much harm not only to the country, but also to the party. PSD can be saved because it also has upright people, not only people who want to save their own situation and their own skin. I’m not a volatile politician and I will not go to another party”, Firea stated.

She mentioned that she could run as an independent candidate for the Bucharest City Hall in the next year’s local elections, if Liviu Dragnea will still be the party’s chairman and if PSD will designate another candidate.

“If next year Mr. Dragnea will be the PSD leader and they will wish to have another candidate, and if I will decide to run for the Bucharest City Hall, I can do it as an independent candidate. I don’t think I have to be connected to somebody. In the end, Mr. Dragnea picked me to be PSD’s candidate because I was the only one among those who were tested in polls and who had a higher percentage than the party. Therefore, it was a win-win situation, the party was winning, I was winning, he didn’t do such a big favor to me”, the Bucharest Mayor explained.

Firea was asked if she considered to run in the presidential elections, and she said she had no time to do this.

“I had not time to think at this. It was the holiday time, I was in hospital, and now I am following a treatment and a diet, I haven’t recovered enough, but I am simply forced to fight for Bucharest people, to represent them with honesty until the last second, and first of all to tell them the truth, not to let themselves fooled by the lies sent in the press releases. I didn’t think for one second to leave Bucharest people, to leave the Bucharest City Hall”, Firea stated.

She added that she thinks to be Liviu Dragnea’s rival, regardless of the position for which he will run.

“Many times, I feel like I’m going to say that I would be Mr. Dragnea’s rival wherever he goes, anywhere, to make him see he cannot lie, manipulate and revenge forever. Romanians should see another person, compared to Mr. Dragnea’s negative personality. (…) I repeat, there are moments when I feel like I’m going to say that if such a person would become the president of the country, I will either leave the country, or I will prevent him at any cost to reach that position, even if I will have to run against him. I am saying this because I am upset, because Mr. Dragnea makes you think at anything, because he is simply a man with an evil thinking”, Gabriela Firea also said.


“I invite Mr Dragnea to a public debate, with figures and proof on the table; He’s cut almost 25 pc of Bucharest City Hall’s budget and says Bucharesters won’t be affected; a great manipulation”


Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea stated on Monday that she invites Liviu Dragnea to a debate on the budget, “with the figures and proof on the table,” at any television “friendly to him.” “He has cut almost 25 percent of the Bucharest City Hall’s budget and serenely states that Bucharesters won’t be affected because he has hiked the funds allocated to the districts. A great manipulation,” the Bucharest Mayor states.

“I invite Mr Dragnea to a public debate, with the figures and proof on the table, at any television he wants, no matter how friendly it is to him. Let an entire country see who is lying and who is telling the truth. He has cut almost 25 percent of the Bucharest City Hall’s budget (180 million euro) and he serenely says that Bucharester won’t be affected because he has hiked the funds allocated to the districts. A great manipulation! Mr Dragnea feigns not knowing that the City Hall and the six district mayoralties have different legal prerogatives and hence different bills to pay,” Gabriela Firea wrote on Facebook on Monday.

According to her, the Bucharest City Hall is paying for all Bucharesters: the subsidy and investments for public transportation, the subsidy and investments for heating, the endowment and operation of 20 large hospitals, public lighting, the consolidation of buildings vulnerable to earthquakes, great infrastructure works, the large parks, the 15 theatres etc.

“What Mr Dragnea is doing now with the Budget Law is bankrupting the Romanian Capital for a sole reason: to settle a score with me, because I had the courage to tell him that he is isolating the country and destroying the political team. He is proving he hates Bucharesters, because they will have 25 percent fewer public services if Parliament adopts the Budget in its current form,” Firea wrote on Facebook.

She states she will fight “this monstrosity of a budget” and will turn to “all domestic and foreign forums.”

“The civil servants who implement all that Mr Dragnea orders should think twice, because they will be personally held accountable, possibly even for abuse of office. He will avoid responsibility, just as he did in the case of the GEO no.13 that he concocted: when he saw that the reactions are negative, he blamed the little man. Like a real statesman! He should no longer hide behind Olguta, Codrin and Doinita! He should personally explain why he wants chaos in the Capital!” Firea added.

Liviu Dragnea stated on Sunday that the Government will earmark sufficient sums for the local administration, so that the development of local communities would be a major objective.

In what concerns Bucharest’s budget, Liviu Dragnea said that “there is too much lying.”

“Bucharest’s budget hasn’t slumped, it has grown, but the district mayors requested a meeting with the Finance Minister. The Minister only told them: all that money is for Bucharesters, but decide how you want it divided between the Bucharest City Hall and the districts. The Finance Minister took to what the district mayors proposed and took upon themselves in writing. The lies won’t stop, I’ll no longer allow any lie to go unchallenged, unexplained. Anyone who works within the local administration should focus on what they promised – earmarking money for the development of communities, not for nonsense,” Dragnea stated.


PSD’s secretary general Stefanescu: We won’t expel Firea, she gives up mandate if left the party


Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea will not be expelled from the PSD (Social Democrat Party) and if she wanted to leave the party, she must resign and will lose mandate, on Sunday said the secretary general of PSD Codrin Stefanescu after the reunion of the National Executive Committee (CExN).

“Mrs. Firea has a wish to be expelled from the party and I see she is keen through such letters, such attacks to the gov’t, to the prime minister, to the budget to find motives to annoy our colleagues in the CExN to make them expel her. We won’t! If she wanted to leave, she submits her mandate, resigns and loses her mayor term. Otherwise, she is indebted. The Bucharesters have voted not for Gabriela Firea in particular, but for the promises the other candidates to the districts’ mayoralties have made. (…) Anyway, we will not expel Gabriela Firea from the party,” Codrin Stefanescu told the private broadcaster Antena 3.

He also said that the removal of Robert Negoita from leadership of the Mayors’ Association was forwarded during the reunion of the CExN, following the District 3 mayor’s statements on the draft budget for 2019.

The PSD secretary general said that the reunion of the CExN was a “talk among colleagues, so far” and added that the preparation of the EP election and the budget for 2019 were the two topics addressed at the reunion.




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