Orban announces that Liberals will send information material to the European Commission on Ordinance 114/2018

National Liberal Party (PNL) president Ludovic Orban announced on Monday that the liberals will send an information material to the European Commission on Ordinance 114/2018 on fiscal measures.

“We have formed a team to prepare an information material for the European Commission on Ordinance 114. (…) The team that will work should prepare a briefing with the PNL point of view regarding the regulations in Ordinance 114, both the regulations in the energy field, in the financial and banking field, and in respect of the regulations concerning the administration of Pension Pillar II (mandatory private pensions’ fund, ed. n.), which we consider to be non-compliant with the EU Treaty and regulations at European level,” Orban said after the meeting of the PNL Executive Bureau.

He showed that the liberals have proposed to finalize this information material until next week, and will be approved in the PNL Executive Bureau.

“We will send this information material to the European Commission and to any European entity interested in this subject, because we believe that it is also possible to initiate an infringement procedure against Romania regarding certain provisions of Ordinance 114 (OUG), which is a criminal act at the address of the Romanian economy. I do not think it would be good for Romania to enter into an infringement procedure while it holds the Presidency of the Council of the European Union and partially exercises it through the representatives of the current Government,” Orban said.

In this information, the views of employers’ associations, organizations, companies operating in the areas addressed by OUG 114 will be introduced.

Ludovic Orban pointed out that the goal of the PNL for this parliamentary session is to repeal the OUG on fiscal measures.

“Our fundamental objective in this parliamentary session is the abolition of Ordinance 114 as soon as possible. It is unconstitutional, it is contrary to many provisions of the Treaty of the Union, and it contains provisions contrary to regulations and objectives adopted at European level,” the PNL leader said.


PNL agrees to the allocations for Health, to the detriment of the secret services, with only one condition. “Dragnea came in opposition to his own Government”


The Chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Ludovic Orban, stated that Liviu Dragnea came in opposition to his own Government on the 2019 State Budget Law. The PNL leader added that Liberals agree to allocating more money from the budget to Health.

“We agree with increased allocations in the Health system with one condition: the money will not be used to treat the mental disorder of Liviu Dragnea and his clique.

It seems like Liviu Dragnea himself came in opposition to his own Government. I remind you that the budget of the Secret Services, as they are provided by the draft budget initiated by the Finance Ministry, are the result of an approval that was gave by the Supreme Council of National Defense (CSAT).

Mrs. Viorica Dancila is a CSAT Deputy Chairperson. The Defense Minister, the Interior Minister and other ministers are also members of CSAT. Two thirds of CSAT are the Government’s representatives.

Under these circumstances, I don’t understand Mr. Dragnea’s dissatisfaction, he should talk with his colleagues from the Government on this issue”, Ludovic Orban stated at the end of the PNL Executive Bureau’s meeting.

The leader of the PNL MPs’ group Raluca Turcan mentioned which are the requirements in order for the 2019 State Budget Law enter legality.

“The budget is bad, it doesn’t respond to Romania’s development issues. The most unfavorable part is that the current discussion on the budget held by the ruling parties is out of the law. To be able to fulfill all the legal requirements to debate the budget in Parliament, we must fulfill several steps. The Fiscal-Budgetary Responsibility Law, according to which the draft on the fiscal and budgetary limits for the draft budget have to be adopted by the Parliament, must be observed. The draft budget must be subject to public debate for 10 days, this is why this draft had to be adopted by the Government a long time ago, in order to be subject to public debate, and after at least 10 days we would have been able to debate the draft in Parliament.

The most serious thing is that I heard a number of statements courageously assumed by Mr. Liviu Dragnea, according to which the draft budget meets the expectations of the local public administration on the amounts that are available for development, ignoring the fact that the draft budget is an ordinary law, while the Local Public Finance Law is an organic law. To allocate more money to local public administration through the budget, a separate draft law on financing local public administration is also needed”, Raluca Turcan concluded.

Orban’s reaction comes after Liviu Dragnea stated on Sunday evening, after the discussions on the budget, that he plans to allocate an important amount of money from the funds of the secret services to the Health system, for the programs for children, such as allocating D vitamin or the schemes for diabetics. In his turn, Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici stated he will analyze the possibility to redistribute certain funds that were allocated to the secret services, to the Health system.

At the same time, the Government could postpone the adoption of the 2019 budget for Friday, political sources told MEDIAFAX. PM Viorica Dancila announced that all efforts will be made in order for the budget to be adopted by the Government on Tuesday.


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