Tariceanu, after the resignations from PSD and the majority of the Coalition at the Deputies’ Chamber: I’m not nervous. We have a compensative majority at the Senate

Senate’s Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated on Monday that he is not nervous about ensuring the parliamentary majority, mentioning that “we have compensative majority at the Senate”.

Asked, at the end of the Monday’s meeting of the Senate’s Standing Bureau, if he is nervous about the parliamentary majority, given that there are several PSD MPs who have resigned, Tariceanu answered: I’m not nervous? Why? Because I’m not nervous. We have a compensative majority at the Senate”.

The reaction of the Senate’s Speaker comes in the context of the resignation of several MPs from PSD, during last week.

The series of resignations from PSD since last week could make PSD-ALDE lose their majority in the Deputies’ Chamber, given that the two groups currently have 161 people’s representatives, while the quorum must be ensured by 165 MPs and organic laws are passed with 50%+1 votes.

PSD had 147 MPs, but after several Social Democrats resigned, the PSD group has 142 MPs in the Deputies’ Chamber. ALDE group has 19 MPs, so the total number of PSD and ALDE MPs is now 161.

The adoption of the organic laws requires 50%+1 votes at the Deputies’ Chamber, and the final quorum is ensured if a minimum number of 165 MPs are present.

At the Senate, PSD-ALDE has the parliamentary majority, the two groups having together 81 senators. The group of PSD senators has 69 members, while ALDE group has 12 members. To ensure the majority, a number of 69 senators is required.

Asked if he expects other parliamentarians to resign from the party, Liviu Dragnea stated that “if there aren’t other people under cover, no one will leave from now on”. The PSD leader mentioned that the parliamentary majority is not lost, it is tested by voting.

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