DefMin Les: In US, Romania is regarded as a very serious and strong partner; no one said anything about corruption in our country

Minister of National Defence Gabriel Les, who is currently paying an official visit to the United States of America, on Tuesday told a TV broadcast that Romania is regarded as a very serious partner and no one said anything about corruption in our country, even if at home there is so much talk on this topic.

“None of the Congressmen and Senators I discussed with in my two days in the United States approached the corruption topic as they do it in Romania, no one said anything about corruption and so on, which makes me think that they still consider Romania as a strong and serious ally and they do not open their ears to all these matters, which have to do with our lack of unity, unfortunately, at home,” Gabriel Les told Antena 3 private television channel.

The Minister underscored the fact that Romania is regarded in the US as a serious partner they can count on, while specifying that the current topics on the agenda back home do more harm.

He also added that corruption wasn’t among the topics discussed at the meeting in Bucharest of defence ministers either, while all the officials were impressed instead by how Romania presented itself.

The Minister of Defence on Tuesday participated in Washington in the informal meeting “Current challenges in South-Eastern Europe and fighting challenges coming from Russia in the region,” with members of the United States Congress and high officials from South-East European states participating.

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