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February 5, 2023

IItalian Matteo Politi, the fake physician who performed surgeries in Romania, caught while trying to leave the country. He will be heard at the 4th Police Department of Bucharest

The Italian who performed surgeries in five private clinics from Romania under the name of Matthew Mode without having the approval of the College of Physicians and without any medical studies, has been identified by the border policemen while trying to leave the country by train, through the Curtici border checkpoint, informed the General Inspectorate of the Border Police (IGPF).

The man, whose real name is Matteo Politi, aged 38, a former parking valet who has only 8 school years, will be heard at the 4th Police Department, when he will arrive to Bucharest, according to the Police representatives.

“The border policemen from the Curtici checkpoint in Arad County identified an Italian citizen searched by the Romanian authorities in a fraud case,” IGPF announced in a release issued on Wednesday.

According to this source, on Wednesday, 6.11 am, the Italian citizen, 38, was discovered aboard of the InterRegio train, which was traveling the Bucharest-Budapest route, while trying to leave the country.

“During the specific verifications, the border policemen discovered that the name of the person was subject to an alert, as a summons was issued by the Romanian authorities on the respective person’s name, who is currently facing an investigation in a fraud case. The Italian citizen will be handed over to an operative team of the Romanian Police, for the legal measures to be taken in this case,” specified the IGPF.

The Italian citizen will be handed over to an operative team of the Romanian Police, for the legal measures to be taken.

A criminal case was opened in rem at the 1st District Court after the Bucharest College of Physicians submitted a complaint after the fake Italian surgeon performed surgeries in Romania.

According to the representatives of the Prosecutor’s Office, the investigation is related to the offense of exerting a profession or activity without having the right.

The media released news on Tuesday about a fake plastic surgeon who worked for five medical units in Romania without having the right to do so. Matteo Politi was given a stamp code from the Public Health Department of the Bucharest Municipality (DSPMB).

As soon as the news broke in the media, DSPMB announced that it launched an internal investigation and that they also notified the disciplinary committee to analyze the manner in which a public employee from the Department of Medical Biostatistics and Informatics gave the stamp code to the Italian on March 23, 2018.

Until the investigation is complete, the respective public employee was disciplinary moved to work for a different department of the DSPMB.

“He was legally awarded the right to operate, since no one can operate without a stamp code. You need several documents. (…) The ones who hired him hired him legally, although we still need to check into how exactly he was hired. The Doctors’ College never released a medical license on his name,” HealthMin Pintea said on Tuesday.

The Libertatea journalists wrote that a fake plastic surgeon worked for one year in five clinics from Bucharest and performed dozens of surgeries under a fake name. He was able to perform surgeries without having medical studies and worked under the name of Matthew Mode in the Monza, Euromedical, Prestige and MH Medical Group clinics. According to the quoted source, Matthew Mode’s real name is Matteo Politi, an Italian from Venice, who graduated only 8 school years. In 2011, Matteo Politi was sentenced to one year and a half of suspended prison in Italy, after he lied for several years that he is a physician and took advantage from the fact that he had the same surname as a famous cardiologist from Modena, Luigi Vincenzo Politi.

In a press release posted on the Facebook page, the representatives of the Prestige Medical Clinic mention that there have been a number of discussions with “Matthew Mode”, but in the end no collaboration was established.


First reaction of Italian Matteo Politi, the fake physician who performed surgeries in Romania: I’m not trying to escape, but I prefer not to tell you where I am. His statements about how he fooled the clinics


On Tuesday evening, after the outbreak of the scandal in the Romanian public space, Politi stated that he paid a lawyer to help him get the right to practice in our country, and she told him that all the papers are fine. He refused to say where he is.

“When I came to Romania, since I don’t know how the system works in your country, I used a lawyer, as everybody does, and I gave her all the necessary documents, all the documents she asked as a lawyer.

I also signed a document called ‘procura’ in Romanian. So, she had all my papers, she did everything she had to do. In the end, she told me that I have the right to practice in Romania. (…) From the moment when I was recognized, with the lawyer’s help, I can call myself a physician.

If an institution gave me that right… my diplomas were recognized, equated”, Politi stated at Xtra Night Show.

The Italian refused to say what is the lawyer’s full name, mentioning only her first name “Laura”.

Matteo Politi also refused to answer if he still is in Romania or not.

“I’m not trying to escape, but I prefer not to tell you where I am”, he added.


Pintea believes that corruption was involved in the case of the fake physician


Health Minister Sorina Pintea believes that corruption is involved in the case of the employee of the Public Health Department (DSP) who issued the stamp code to the Italian citizen pretending to be physician.

The Minister said on Wednesday that the DSP employee answered she made this because she felt sorry for him.

“You know what was the reply of the DSP employee when she was asked why she did that? She said: ‘I felt sorry for him’. I didn’t understand either for whom she felt sorry and who made her feel sorry for somebody”, Pintea stated for the Europe FM radio channel.

Asked if corruption could be suspected in this case, Sorina Pintea answered: “For sure, for sure, this is the main suspicion”.

She said she wants to see the papers in the Italian citizen’s case and that there are testimonies according to which he entered the surgery room.

“I want to see the papers, to see if he actually entered the surgery room, but there are testimonies according to which he did this. Maybe he was a native talent…”, the Health Minister stated.

Pintea stated on Tuesday, whit the outbreak of the scandal, that the Ministry didn’t equate the study diplomas of the fake physician and he was illegally allowed to perform surgeries.

The College of Physicians mentioned no document giving the fake physician the right to practice medicine in Romania was issued and supports the Bucharest branch in notifying the criminal investigation bodies.

“I found it out this morning, from the press, the Health Ministry wasn’t asked, but I can tell you that the Ministry did not equate those diplomas. Without this equivalence, he couldn’t get the right to practice from the College of Physicians. DSP issued a document for the stamp code, we will see what exactly happened, because I repeat, I found it out this morning from the press, we weren’t even officially asked on this issue”, Pintea said.

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