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April 16, 2021

Basescu accuses Ciolos of opportunism because he allegedly wanted to change his ideology, the latter denies

The PLUS leader Dacian Ciolos stated on Wednesday for MEDIAFAX that he never told Jean-Claude Junker that he is willing to join the Socialists to get a new seat as a European Commissioner, a talk that Traian Basescu mentioned on Monday at a TV channel.

“It’s not true. I never said that to Mr. Junker, and I mentioned that to Mr. Basescu, too, at that time. Besides, I wasn’t a party member at that time, and there wasn’t any question to go from one place to another, politically speaking. I would say that PLUS is a center-right party, if we take a look to the political program in the programmatic motion with which I ran at the PLUS Convention”, Dacian Ciolos stated for MEDIAFAX.

Former technocrat PM’s reaction comes after Traian Basescu stated on Monday evening for TVR 1 that he wouldn’t give his vote to Ciolos and mentioned a talk he had with Jean-Claude Junker, who is a member of the European People’s Party (EPP).

Basescu said that Junker told him that Ciolos talked to the President of the European Commission, telling him that if the European Commissioner portfolio is held by Socialists, he is willing to join the Socialists to get the seat.

“My heart doesn’t let me vote Ciolos. I can inform you about a talk that I had with Jean-Claude Junker. When I supported Ciolos to continue to be a European Commissioner.

Ponta already came, but the new Commission was forming. And I told him ‘I’d like Ciolos continue to stay in the Commission one more term’”.

By way of exception, a person can have a second term, but not on the same portfolio. Junker didn’t say anything. He looked at me. Junker is an EPP member, so he said: ‘do you know what he told me? That if the Socialists hold the portfolio, he joins the Socialists’.

That’s my talk with Junker and Junker couldn’t say it isn’t like this, no matter who says anything. I told that to Ciolos at one point. And he said: ‘I’ll never take him. A person who leaves us and joins the Socialists only to keep his position will never be a commissioner in my Commission’. Find it out from me, since I am one of the two persons having this talk. He was willing to join the Socialists only to continue to be a European Commissioner. He told that to Junker. If my portfolio is held by Socialists, I will join the Socialists”, Traian Basescu stated on Monday evening for TVR 1.

Asked if he talked with Dacian Ciolos about this episode and if he ever admitted that he had this talk with Junker, the former Romanian President answered: “I told him about it. Nothing (He told me nothing – e.n.). I did my job and told him I cannot support him any longer. I couldn’t give him a vote any longer, too, although I supported him when he received his first mandate”.

Dacian Ciolos opens the joint list of the 2020 USR-PLUS Alliance for the EP elections. The two parties formalized the alliance at the USR Political Committee that took place on last Saturday at the Parliament.

Speaking about a candidacy in the presidential elections representing the new formed alliance, Dacian Ciolos said “anything is possible”, but he mentioned that this is an issue he hasn’t discussed yet with the members of Dan Barna’s party.

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