Orban not ruling out alliance with USR and PLUS: There will probably be a governing alliance

Asked whether he would sit at the table with the Save Romania Union (USR) and PLUS in order to form an alliance, National Liberal Party (PNL) President Ludovic Orban stated that “there will probably be a governing alliance” but any party must clarify its electoral offer.

“There will probably be a governing alliance, naturally, but I believe each political party must clarify its offer. In what concerns the PNL, we are a party that has a clear vision, we consider we must stimulate investments, we must generate an economic dynamic, ensure education services on solid bases, build highways, no longer make ducks and drakes of public funds but use the funds for investments in infrastructure instead,” Ludovic Orban stated on Tuesday for TVR1.

Asked whether it would be a good idea for some egos to crystalize after the European Parliament elections and whether he is willing to talk with Dacian Ciolos, the PNL President said: “I’m willing to talk with anyone, it’s just that we must have something to discuss too.”

Asked what are the odds he credits the USR-PLUS alliance with, Ludovic Orban said: “The capacity to generate an offer that would appeal to the electorate is their problem. The more other parties that are not with the PSD are able to motivate the electorate the higher the chances to defeat the PSD. Undoubtedly, if we have the possibility to put an end to this novice government, we will. Of course, we would prefer a new beginning to be a return to the people.”

On Saturday, USR’s Political Committee adopted the decision to form a joint list for the European Parliament elections, the alliance being called the ‘2020 USR-PLUS Alliance.’

Subsequent to that decision, when asked about a potential alliance with the PNL, Dacian Ciolos said: “This (the 2020 USR-PLUS Alliance – editor’s note) is a clear sign that the Opposition forces are beginning to coalesce. The new political forces have understood the message issued by the Romanians who want a change.”

Referring to a potential alliance with the PNL, USR President Dan Barna stated that the subject “is not topical, at least not in the short term.”

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