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November 24, 2022

PSD: PNL and Ludovic Oban have become the banks’ advocates. Disgracefully, they’re asking the EC to eliminate tax on greed

On Tuesday, the Social Democrats accused Ludovic Orban and the Liberals, in a Facebook posting, of officially becoming “the advocates of the banks” which for years have taken money out of the pockets of Romanians, reproaching the PNL for “disgracefully” asking the European Commission to eliminate the tax on greed.

“PNL and Ludovic Orban have officially become the advocates of the banks which for years have taken money out of the pockets of Romanians. Disgracefully, they are asking the European Commission to eliminate the tax on greed meant to stop the artificial hiking of the ROBOR, which has affected many Romanian businesses and families. All this time, the banks have taken a backseat and are glad that the PNL and Orban are fighting for them. A deplorable transformation for the Liberals! Going from the dignified ‘Through ourselves’ slogan of the Bratianus who made the Great Union, they have ended up today in the humiliating position of being the servants of those who have taken out money from Romania. Think only what would happen if Ludovic Orban were to have more representatives within the European Parliament after the elections scheduled a few months from now!”, the Social Democrats posted on PSD’s Facebook page on Tuesday.


Opposition leader’s response: Naturally, they are attacking us


Ludovic Orban reacted on Tuesday to PSD’s claim that he is “the advocate of the banks” because he is asking the European Commission to eliminate the “tax on greed.” “Do you believe what the PSD is saying?”, the PNL President said, pointing out that the Government is no longer able to obtain financing.

“Does it matter what the PSD is saying? Do you believe what the PSD is saying? Look what the Government is experiencing because they are no longer capable to obtain financing. The results are visible with the naked eye. (…) Forget the PSD. Are you now a multiplier of PSD’s Facebook postings? Read on the PNL’s page what our position is and why we were against Ordinance 114. What would you expect, the PSD to praise us? Naturally, they are attacking us,” Ludovic Orban stated on Tuesday evening for TVR1.

The PNL leader added that the population stood to suffer in states in which taxes on assets were introduced as a result of populist messages.

“We are the supporters of normality in what concerns the functioning of the market economy. That is why we disagreed with the capping of loans too, because it’s an aberration. Any absurd cap on loans will eventually lead to the worsening of the conditions of credit. What should one do in this case? Bring other banks too, create competition in the financial-banking system so that the citizen, when they need a loan, would be able to go to 100 banks and see which of them offers the best conditions of credit,” Orban concluded.

PSD’s reaction came after PNL President Ludovic Orban said that he will send the European Commission a report on Government Emergency Ordinance (GEO) no.114/2018 on certain fiscal measures, which include the introduction of the “tax on greed” in the banking sector.

The Government adopted the GEO on fiscal measures – also dubbed the GEO on “the tax on greed” – on December 21.

Its main provisions: gas and electricity prices to be capped for 3 years; bank assets to be taxed if the ROBOR exceeds 2 percent; the private pension fund’s commission to be lowered from 2.5 to 1 percent; the tax on vice in the gambling sector to be hiked by 2 percent of turnover.

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