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October 3, 2022

Budget negotiations fail. Firea: A simulacrum of dialogue. A production orchestrated by Dragnea and staged by Teodorovici. Municipal Councilor: Gabriela Firea is Dragnea without a moustache. She spent the money on statues and kitsch

Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea announced on Thursday, following her discussion with the Finance Minister, that the meeting was a failure and Eugen Teodorovici was not flexible in what regards the mayors’ budgetary demands, the whole thing being in fact “a production orchestrated by Dragnea and staged by Teodorovici.”

“I kept hoping that the minister’s statement was not well understood. Indeed, he was completely inflexible, he didn’t listen to any legal argument. It was a simulacrum of dialogue. Moreover, I believe it was a production orchestrated by Dragnea and staged by Teodorovici, because from the first moment he was simply not paying attention to our explanations and was very confident things would unfortunately remain as he had decided, namely that he would respect Mr Dragnea’s political decision to punish the Bucharest City Hall in order to settle his scores with me,” Gabriela Firea stated after her meeting with the Finance Minister.

The meeting lasted a little over an hour.

“I’m trying to still have professional respect for Mr Teodorovici, even though he too is with the back against the wall, he would probably have risked being reshuffled had he listened to the legal and juridical arguments. It’s clear that it’s strictly the decision of Mr Dragnea, who has done now just as he did in the case of Ordinance no.13; he is the moral author, he is the one who drafted the budget, gnashing his teeth with hatred, it’s just that those who are signing it are the representatives of the Finance Ministry. (…) Mr Teodorovici hasn’t given me any explanation. He said that “that’s how it’s been decided.” I asked him: where? I told him that those decisions and signed cheat sheets – devoid of any legal weight – are not the Bible, they do not supersede the administration law, nor the Constitution. It’s a shame. He fears being replaced at the Finance Ministry. I personally understand him. He behaved like a man unable to do anything. A lady who was accompanying him at the talks had the insolence to scold me because pupils from Bucharest and Ilfov can use public transport free of charge,” Gabriela Firea stated.

Prior to that, the Finance Minister was stating that he did not see the mayors leaving Wednesday evening’s meeting disappointed, pointing out, before his talks with the Bucharest Mayor, that a solution has already been found.


Municipal Councilor: Gabriela Firea is Dragnea without a moustache. She spent the money on statues and kitsch


The Save Romania Union (USR) Councilor in the Bucharest General Council, Roxana Wring, accuses Gabriela Firea of having made unnecessary investments from the budgets of the Bucharest Municipality, and says the General Mayor is a sort of “Dragnea without a moustache”.

“What the Bucharest Mayor is doing is of a maximum hypocrisy. She claims she doesn’t have money, but the huge budgets that Bucharest had in the recent years have been spent on statues, on kitsch shows and unnecessary incentives. To which is added, of course, half a billion euros wasted by the Municipal Companies. So, Gabriela Firea’s obstacle wasn’t the lack of money, but her own incompetence”, Roxana Wring claims on Facebook.

The USR Councilor also claims that Gabriela Firea is “Dragnea without a moustache” and believes that both the General Mayor and Liviu Dragena should be removed from their current positions.

“What Gabriela Firea is doing now is only a political game: she hopes to capitalize Bucharesters’ lack of trust in Liviu Dragnea in an electoral perspective. But as I said before, Firea is nothing else than a Dragnea without a moustache. When it comes about them, there’s no ‘less evil’. There are only two evil things that must be urgently removed from Romania’s, respectively Bucharest’s leadership”, Wring also added.

The statements of the USR Councilor come in the context in which Firea accuses the Government that will cut 25% of the Bucharest Municipality’s budget.


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