IntMin Carmen Dan: Solution to migration is transposition of EU states’ solidarity into a legislative mechanism

The solidarity of the European Union member states must rapidly be transposed into a mechanism with legislative power, this would be the solution to the migration phenomenon, Minister of Interior Carmen Dan stated on Thursday.

“Today we’ve discussed about the measures in the short and medium term in managing the migration phenomenon and we believe that the solution lies in the solidarity of the member states and in treating the problems where they started and not where their effects are felt, and this solidarity must be faster than ever transposed into a mechanism with legislative power. For we have the parliamentary elections ahead of us and the presidency must pay more attention than ever to the expectations and concerns of the European citizens, and migration is the main concern of the EU citizens, according to the latest Eurobarometer,” the Minister of Interior told a joint conference she had with the European Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship, Dimitris Avramopoulos, after the first day of the informal meeting of the ministers of justice and home affairs of the EU, held in Bucharest, in the context in which Romania is holding the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union.

The Romanian Minister of Interior specified they didn’t discuss about the percentage of migrants.

In what concerns police cooperation, Carmen Dan showed that the Romanian presidency’s approach is that, first of all, there must be developed the digital capabilities of the law enforcement institutions.

“The digital data represent a major component of any criminal investigation, irrespective of its complexity. The digital data and technological evolutions would be most efficiently used if we had an integrated system at European level, to be available to all the relevant authorities in the EU and member states,” she said.

She further on mentioned that discussions about combating terrorism started from the special report on terrorism, which includes more than 200 recommendations for the EC, the member states and the Council of EU.

“It is our common goal to have a safer Europe, to prevent terrorist acts from happening and to prevent the radicalization of the young who are vulnerable to this scourge. I am positive that together we can do it,” said Carmen Dan.

She underscored that Romania got involved in many difficult files during the presidency of the EU Council.

“We got involved because we want the Romanian presidency of the Council of the European Union to mark a moment of development of the European capabilities in essential fields,” specified the Minister of Interior, in the context in which she mentioned the political agreement that was reached on the file regarding the inter-operability of the EU intelligence systems.

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