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May 22, 2022

Ciolos on 2020 Alliance: PNL is also welcome if it shares our values and principles

PLUS President Dacian Ciolos stated on Saturday that the PNL can be part of the project to coalesce the Opposition, which PLUS has started alongside the USR, provided it shares the values, principles and “project we are tabling.”

“The important thing is that a step has been taken. We have taken this step. The unification of the Opposition, the coalescing of the Opposition, is constantly talked about. We have taken this step. The PNL is welcome too, to the extent it will share the values, principle, project we are tabling,” PLUS leader Dacian Ciolos stated for Digi24.

He added that the start of the talks on the coalescing of the Opposition is solely up to the Liberal leaders.

“When the PNL is willing to discuss, we will discuss. There are talks, nobody should have the impression that we are turning our backs,” Ciolos added.

In his turn, USR leader and House lawmaker Dan Barna has stated that there is point-by-point collaboration with the Liberals in Parliament.

“This collaboration with the PNL exists at parliamentary level and it has been seen that, when it was necessary and useful, this collaboration has existed to an equal extent. What our alliance plans is to do politics in a realistic manner, “for real,” to use an expression that everyone understands. At this moment there was a significant expectation which we believe we have answered through this USR-PLUS alliance, because the two parties have the same DNA of values. We are people who see a European Romania that does not sit on the outskirts of Europe, an area in which we have been pushed during the two years in which the Government has been Dragnea’s law firm. (…) Just today we have had a discussion with Orban, regarding an activity in Parliament, some motions. The dialogue exists, it’s natural; we will see in the following period, after the European Parliament elections, in order to be very pragmatic. This alliance plans to obtain a very good result in the European Parliament elections. After that, we will see the next steps, in order to maintain and coagulate the Romanians’ expectation for an alternative that would bring hope and trust,” Dan Barna said.

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