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May 9, 2021

Liberal Vice Chairman considers Dacian Ciolos as arrogant as PSDragnea

On Saturday, National Liberal Party (PNL) Vice Chairman Florin Roman accused Dacian Ciolos of being “as arrogant as PSDragnea when attacking PNL”. He told the PLUS leader that “politics is not a children’s game or a word game”.

“I believe that the unification of the anti-PSDragnea forces under a coalition is mandatory in order to save the country from the ‘red plague’. For this reason, I don’t see anything bad in the ‘engagement’ between USR and Ciolos’ party. It’s their business.

And I don’t want to comment even if, since I am a person who knows the actual polls, I know that Ciolos’ party hasn’t reached even half of USR. He fooled Dan Barna, obtaining more than a parity, there’s nothing new”, Florin Roman stated, according to a press release sent to MEDIAFAX.

The Liberal Vice Chairman claims that Dacian Ciolos also “fooled” PNL when the party supported him as a minister and after this for a seat as a European Commissioner.

“Then, the party that supported him began to ‘smell’ to Mr. Ciolos. For these reasons, I don’t understand the Ciolos’ cascade attacks against PNL. I don’t understand why he establishes conditions, from the position of somebody who hasn’t played in the 1st League yet.

Is it because he wants to look superior? Unification is possible around the largest Opposition party, not the smallest.

No childish vanities! He is already speaking with the arrogance of a leader who considers himself victorious, with contempt. The arrogant speech related to PNL makes him look more and more like Dragnea. And this is a bad thing for the joint effort of those who want to get rid of PSD. Or perhaps the attack against PNL is an “order for the unit”, Mr. Ciolos!

It’s a pity for the character… to be a man is a great thing, to be a gentleman is a happening! If you want to really fight with PSDragnea, look at what PNL and USR are doing in the Deputes’ Chamber, look at the attacks at the Constitutional Court, at the day-to-day fight from the tribune! Politics is not a children’s game or a word game, Mr. Ciolos! This is about Romanians and Romania, it’s about the fight against PSD”, Roman added.

The PLUS Chairman Dacian Ciolos stated on Saturday at a TV channel that PNL can be part of the project of coagulating the Opposition launched together with USR if it will share the values, the principles and “the project we put on the table”.

“It’s important that the first step was made. We made this step. Everybody’s talking about the unification of the Opposition, about coagulating the Opposition. We made this step. PNL is also welcomed if it will share the values, the principles, the project we put on the table”, the PLUS leader Dacian Ciolos stated for Digi24.

He added that the moment when the discussions on coagulating the Opposition will start depends only on the Liberal leaders.

“When PNL will be willing to discuss with us, we will discuss. Discussions exist, no one should think that we are turning back”, Ciolos added.

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