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May 10, 2021

President Iohannis admits to sometimes feeling political frustration

President Klaus Iohannis, attending on Monday the inauguration of “The ’80s Space – At Home in Communism” – an interactive civic education project about the communist past – confessed that he sometimes feels “political frustration” for not having the necessary constitutional tools to change certain things.

Asked by one of the high school students in attendance if he ever has the feeling that he does not have the constitutional tools required to change certain things, the President answered in the affirmative.

“Yes, I too experience the feeling called political frustration, but I don’t yield to discouragement,” he said.

Asked by another participant in the discussion how Romania could get rid of the “faults of communism”, the President expressed his conviction that this is possible “only through education”.

“The answer is extremely simple: only through education. There is no other way. There would have been, right at the beginning, after the Revolution, the option to remove the former communists from politics, but we didn’t do it and there aren’t so many left of them now, but a lot of the bad habits seem to have persisted,” said the head of the state.

Iohannis stressed that the communist period has been a “fundamental mistake” and that it is important to build a future where “such defiling is no longer possible.” In this regard, he highlighted the importance of civic education.

“Ultimately, education is the basis of society. Without education we get too quickly and too easily to accept things that should in fact not be accepted. If we look back, the construction of all dictatorial regimes has been possible because people looked elsewhere or shrugged it off, or did not participate. And when they wanted to participate, when things were obviously wrong, it was already too late, the system had entrenched itself in the entire state, in the entire society. This is why I consider civic education is so important – I’m not talking about specialized education here – for us to raise our voice and be able to have our say before it is too late,” the President explained.


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