Genesis for Life – a project about life, education and moral values

On February 20, starting at 19:00, at the Marble Hall of the National Military Circle in Bucharest, the Genesis Collegiate Foundation continues to support the struggle for life of the preterm babies, through a new Genesis for Life charity event.

This year, the Neonatology Intensive Care Department of the “Marie Curie” Hospital, coordinated by Doctor Catalin Cirstoveanu, urgently needs a rigid bronchoscope, a medical device that allows quick and effective interventions in limit situations. This department is a model of how the involvement of the doctors, authorities and civil society can lead to remarkable outcomes, the department coordinated by Catalin Cirstoveanu currently being one of the most modern and especially efficient in Romania. In the ongoing struggle for life that takes place at the Neonatology department, in the recent years, the number of the saved lives has doubled, thanks to the state-of-the-art technologies and the performant approaches of the physicians.



For six editions, the Genesis for Life project is dedicated to modernizing and endowing the department coordinated by Doctor Cirstoveanu. “We educate children in Romania for 20 years, but as a parent, I don’t think it’s enough to put figures, theories and information in children’s minds, we must necessarily put humanity, because they will be the society of tomorrow, and this society must be more responsible and more active than we were. In the last 10 years, more than EUR 100,000 has been raised for projects associated to Catalin Cirstoveanu’s initiatives, and this choice is not an accident. This man and his commitment to change the reality we live in, his refusal to accept the system’s limitations, his wish to perform seem to me the best lessons we could offer to the 400 children and youngsters from the Genesis school and the almost 200 we are expecting at the high school we are going to inaugurate in the autumn of 2019” stated Ioana Necula, the Founding Manager of Genesis Collegiate and the initiator of the Genesis for Life project.

“Without the support of the civil society, we wouldn’t be here for sure. Important steps in developing our department have been made through an important social responsibility. We’ve decided not to stop, but to keep going forward. Through the Genesis for Life project and through the devices purchased as a result of these initiatives, we had countless life-saving interventions, including a world premiere in 2015, with the help of a dual renal and hepatic dialysis device” stated Doctor Catalin Cirstoveanu, the coordinator of the Neonatology Intensive Care Department of the “Marie Curie” Hospital.

The Genesis for Life event to be held on February 20 at the National Military Circle in Bucharest aimed at raising EUR 17,000 for the rigid bronchoscope that is necessary to the Neonatology Department. At the event, Doru Trascau and Andrei Zamfir from The Mono Jacks will hold an extraordinary recital, which will be associated with a special Wine&Music pairing made with the special support of Gitana Winery.

Donations can only be made through the Galantom platform, on any of the webpages of the fundraisers dedicated to the event. Additional information is available at Any donation is welcomed, but the ones of at least RON 200 are the only donations ensuring the access to the event.

Genesis Collegiate is an educational unit with 20 years of experience and remarkable results in the Romanian education system, as well as with a consistent history of social projects for community. In the 2019-2020 school year, the institution will also launch the Genesis Theoretical High School which will include two classes with different profiles.

The Genesis for Life program was developed from the desire to give to the students of the institution an example of what social responsibility means, and from the desire to contribute more and more to their growth and development as human beings.

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