CSM talks postponed after Tarcea challenges four judges. Tarcea on meeting with Valer Dorneanu on five-judge panels topic:We talked in the dark, I left my phone in the anteroom

High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) President Cristina Tarcea stated on Wednesday, after the debate on her case was postponed within the Superior Council of the Magistracy’s (CSM) Disciplinary Section for Judges, that her meeting with Constitutional Court (CCR) President Valer Dorneanu – meeting she had mentioned on her arrival at the CSM – took place with the lights off and she was told to leave her phone in the anteroom. She also pointed out that the postponement of the talks within the CSM was decided after she challenged four judges whom she accused, among other things, of prejudgment.

When leaving the CSM, Tarcea pointed out that the talks within the Disciplinary Section for Judges were postponed for March 27, after she challenged judges Lia Savonea, Gabriela Baltag, Evelina Oprina and Nicoleta Tant, for reasons pertaining to hostility in what concerns the President of the ICCJ, unconditional support for the leadership of the Judicial Inspection, and prejudgment during the various meetings that were held in order to draw the members of the five-judge panels of the ICCJ.

Tarcea was asked about her meetings with Constitutional Court President Valer Dorneanu and Ombudsman Victor Ciorbea, which she had mentioned on her arrival at the CSM.

“With Mr Valer Dorneanu I talked about the five-judge panels, shortly after the decision noting the juridical conflict of constitutionality was issued. The only thing I can tell you now is that it was a discussion in which I was asked to keep my phone in the anteroom, and the discussion took place in the dark, so dark that at the end I took Mr Dorneanu’s coat,” Tarcea said.

She added that the discussion with Ciorbea concerned the three-judge panels.

When journalists insisted for more details, the head of the ICCJ said: “Believe me, I’ll tell you everything I know!”.

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