Firea doesn’t waive the incentives, although she complained about the cut budget: We will give them in 2019, too. Last year we gave aids amounting RON 400 million

Bucharest Mayor Gabriela announced that the financial incentives given by the municipality in 2018 will be also given this year, despite the fact that the mayor has recently complained that the budget of the Bucharest Municipality (PMB) has been cut. Incentives amounting RON 400 million have been given by January 31.

“As I promised, even if the budget of the Bucharest Municipality is diminished because of certain political decisions taken by the Romanian Government, Bucharest Municipality will continue to encourage natality, support children’s education and improve the lives of those in the vulnerable social categories. Bucharest people don’t have to suffer the consequences of a political revenge, so we will do whatever is necessary in order for the six programs of which more than 80,000 citizens have benefited only last year, to be carried on also in 2019. Until today, financial incentives amounting more than RON 400 million have been given”, Gabriela Firea stated in a press release.

According to the PMB representatives, the financial incentives given by 01.31.2019 are:

The financial incentive for social integration of the adult disabled people, amounting RON 500/month. The total paid amount is RON 273,109,500.

The financial incentive for children included in a disability level, amounting RON 1,000/month. The total paid amount: RON 61,976,000. The financial incentive for newborn babies, amounting RON 2,500 net/newborn baby. Total paid amount: RON 51,642,500.

The community social aid for the single-parent family, with a total amount of RON 267,800. The Voucher maternal program, with a number of beneficiaries/approved files of 12,792 and a total paid amount of RON 19,453,000.

The financial aid for preventing school drop-out in the municipality of Bucharest, with a total paid amount of RON 269,679.59.

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