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September 25, 2020

Carmen Iohannis, secretly heard at Prosecutor General’s Office

Carmen Iohannis, the wife of President Klaus Iohannis, was heard at the Prosecutor General’s Office in the file opened following a denouncement related to the sums of money earned on renting a building, according to judicial sources.

The Prosecutor’s Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice (PICCJ) officials did not want to reveal the day she reported at the Prosecutor’s Office, but according to sources, Carmen Iohannis’s hearing was held secretly last week,  at a very late hour in the evening.

Initially, the file was handled by Cristian Lazar, deputy chief prosector with the Criminal Investigation and Criminology Section of the Prosecutor’s Office. Subsequently, the case was taken over by another prosecutor, after Lazar’s mandate expired and it went to another prosecutor’s office.

Carmen Iohannis was subpoenaed at the Prosecutor General’s Office in November and December 2018. In November, she conveyed to the prosecutors that she could not attend the hearings because she was accompanying the President on a visit to the UK, and in December she announced the prosecutors she cannot go to the Prosecutor General’s Office due to health reasons.

The first lady was subpoenaed to be heard in a case opened following a complaint filed by SC Jurindex Media SRL, the company managing the Lumeajustitiei.ro site, represented by journalist Razvan Savaliuc, against President Klaus Iohannis, his wife, Carmen Iohannis, as well as against the notary public Radu Gabriel Bucsa, reported to have committed several offenses, including abuse of office, intellectual forgery, money laundering and the setting up of an organized criminal group.

Initially, the denouncement was registered in May 2018 with the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA), then forwarded to the Prosecutor’s Office with the Alba Iulia Court of Appeal and subsequently to the Prosecutor General’s Office.

The complaint lodged with the Prosecutor’s Office shows that the Iohannis family refused to give back to the state the sum of 320,000 euro, money coming from renting a building in Sibiu that would have been illegally acquired. In November 2015, the Brasov Court of Appeal definitively decided to cancel a contract for the sale of a real estate in Sibiu owned by Klaus and Carmen Iohannis.

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