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October 30, 2020

PM Dancila attends meeting of the Association of Romanian Communes: National local development programmes 1,2 took Romania out difficulties

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila said on Monday that the government has pulled Romania out of difficulties by implementing the PNDL 1 and PNDL 2 national local development programmes, adding that 70pct of the funding under the two programmes went to the countryside.

She attended the 22nd ordinary session of the Association of Romanian Communes, where she presented a report on the results obtained in 2018.

“The success of the PNDL 1 programme (…) gave us the certainty that it should be continued. Today we have PNDL 2, the programme on which the chances of development of many communities depend. With the aid of these programmes we have pulled the country out of difficulties. As you know, over 70pct of the funding under both PNDL 1 and PNDL 2 was directed to the communes, proving that the modernisation of the Romanian countryside is no longer just at a declarative level, but we have concrete projects implemented. Thus, out of 12,681 investment projects in the countryside, 10,387, worth 34.25 billion lei, are being funded,” Dancila said.

She added that among the rural investment projects there are 2,689 water supply and sewerage systems, 1,776 schools, of which 880 are nurseries and kindergartens, and 3,948 projects for roads, bridges and footpaths.

“Calls for pre-school and school infrastructure projects opened in January 2018. I mean kindergartens and schools funded under the 2014-2020 operational programme regional development, so competing right now for an appropriation of 330 million euros are 778 requests for funding worth more than 780 million euros submitted by the administrative-territorial units, of which 357 are at the level of communes worth approximately 395 million euros. Because the number of applications is very high, we asked those responsible to identify solutions to contract as many of the submitted projects as possible,” said Dancila.

She mentioned that the National Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 is another important funding source in addition to the PNDL and ROP 2014-2020.

“Thus, in 2018, a total of 1,893 proposed projects for the development of public infrastructure at the level of the communes in Romania amounting to 1.6 billion euros were contracted, of which an important share was held by water and sewerage infrastructure, 439 million euros under 315 contracts; road infrastructure, 528 million euros under 506 contracts; school and pre-school infrastructure, 118 million euros under 320 contracts; cultural infrastructure and cultural heritage, 212 million under 667 contracts,” said Dancila.


The Premier,  about Ordinance 114 – We will see what modifications we should make where problems found


She used the opportunity to  state that the modifications to be brought to the Emergency Ordinance no. 114/2018 regarding the implementation of certain measures in public investments and fiscal-budgetary measures will be in line with the problems signaled by the representatives of the administrative apparatus, also adding that “this is not a concession.”

“Related to Ordinance 114, I have already said that we need to be flexible. Which is precisely why I called the ministers to say what problems they found in each chapter. (…) The other ministers also discussed within their line of work, so that we can make the necessary modifications there where we spot problems. This is not a concession, this doesn’t mean that who shouts louder is also right. We want the modifications that we bring to respond to your problems. We want to change this type of approach. (…) The problems must come from you to us, so that we make the necessary decisions,” said the head of the executive at the 22nd ordinary session of the General Assembly of Romanian Communes.

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