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October 4, 2022

PNL declares total war on Government’s Emergency Ordinance 114/2018, to launch campaign for its repeal. PM Dancila: We will see what modifications we should make where problems found

The National Liberal Party (PNL)declares total war on Government Emergency Ordinance 114/2018 and will launch a campaign aimed at urging the Romanians to communicate to the MPs of the PSD-ALDE-UDMR ruling coalition their wish for them to vote against this “criminal normative act that endangers the development of Romania,” Liberal leader Ludovic Orban said on Monday.

“I have made the decision to launch a campaign addressed to all Romanian citizens, a campaign that will be carried out by all possible means of communication, both through the media and online, also by directly campaigning to the citizens so as to determine them to address each PSD-ALDE-UDMR ruling coalition parliamentarian to communicate their wish for them to vote against Ordinance 114. The effects of Ordinance 114 are catastrophic and will make the lives of each Romanian citizen worse. Each citizen will be forced to pay higher local taxes, at the maximum ceiling level, as a result of Ordinance 114, without the increase in taxes and fees being based on decisions of local councils or county councils,” Orban said at the end of the PNL’s National Permanent Bureau meeting.

He added that, after the enforcement of Ordinance 114, each Romanian citizen will pay for electricity, gas and heating a higher price than the current one.


PM Dancila about Ordinance 114 – We will see what modifications we should make where problems found


On the other hand, Prime Minister Viorica Dancila on Monday stated that the modifications to be brought to the Emergency Ordinance no. 114/2018 regarding the implementation of certain measures in public investments and fiscal-budgetary measures will be in line with the problems signaled by the representatives of the administrative apparatus, also adding that “this is not a concession.”

“Related to Ordinance 114, I have already said that we need to be flexible. Which is precisely why I called the ministers to say what problems they found in each chapter. (…) The other ministers also discussed within their line of work, so that we can make the necessary modifications there where we spot problems. This is not a concession, this doesn’t mean that who shouts louder is also right. We want the modifications that we bring to respond to your problems. We want to change this type of approach. (…) The problems must come from you to us, so that we make the necessary decisions,” said the head of the executive at the 22nd ordinary session of the General Assembly of Romanian Communes.


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