Tariceanu on ALDE-PSD’s EP elections list: No decision taken

Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated on Saturday, in Sinaia, that no decision has been taken regarding a joint ALDE-PSD list in the European Parliament elections. Regarding the presidential elections, the ALDE leader said that the topic of a joint presidential candidate will be tackled within the coalition after the EP elections.

“No decision has been taken, in either sense. We will probably have a discussion on this topic next week and we will probably take a decision. There are very many arguments pleading in favour of both options. My colleagues – and I share this idea – want in the elections a party that would represent the liberal values and principles of Romanian liberalism, because this was also the purpose for which ALDE was established after the PNL joined the EPP,” Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated on Saturday at a press conference in Sinaia.

He added that ALDE has arguments for and against a joint list with the PSD, however the said arguments are difficult to weigh.

“We haven’t even started the discussions. We will start the discussions and PSD mustn’t come with arguments because we too have arguments in favour of joint lists. Let me give you an example. To stake on joint lists, we ask the campaign teams to work together, meaning that things will function more efficiently from the standpoint of presidential elections. Is it a valid argument? I believe so. There are others too. I will not conduct a sweeping analysis of the arguments for and against. They are difficult to weigh too,” the leader of ALDE explained.

Referring to the presidential elections, Tariceanu said that the topic will be tackled within the coalition after the EP elections.

“In what concerns running in the presidential elections, here too we will tackle the topic later, probably after the EP elections, even more so since we are yet to discuss the lists. What I can tell you at this stage, or at this time of the year, is that I have certainly analysed very seriously the possibility of a candidacy – of a joint candidacy or of an individual one – but we will obviously decide this within the coalition,” Calin Popescu Tariceanu concluded.

At the end of January, the ALDE President announced that he is seriously mulling running in the presidential elections.

Referring to the PSD’s EP elections list, PSD Vice President Olguta Vasilescu stated early this month that the list will be finalised around March 15. She added that the PSD and ALDE will definitely run on separate lists in the EP elections.

The PSD-ALDE coalition is yet to decide whether to have a joint candidate in the presidential elections scheduled at the end of this year.

The decision regarding the presidential candidate will be taken on February 15 or February 20, following an internal analysis, PSD Secretary General Codrin Stefanescu announced when asked about Liviu Dragnea’s potential bid for a presidential term.

When asked about running in the presidential elections, Liviu Dragnea stated, on 27 December 2018, that he does not reject any option “involving either me, Mr Tariceanu, or someone else.”

The European Parliament elections will take place on May 26, while the presidential elections are scheduled at the end of the year.

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