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June 21, 2021

Daniel Barbu resigns from the helm of AEP due to personal reasons

President of the Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP) Daniel Barbu announced that he tendered his resignation from the helm of the institution due to personal reasons.

“I tendered my resignation on Friday [from the helm of the AEP) for personal reasons,” Daniel Barbu confirmed for Agerpres  on Monday.

According to some political sources, the AEP leadership might be taken over by treasurer of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Mircea Draghici.

On Sunday, the Pro Romania Party requested the immediate resignation of AEP President Daniel Barbu, “who is a possible candidate of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) to the European Parliament elections,” because, as the party representatives argued, he would have violated the principle of impartiality by participating in the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) youth political winter school.

“Tariceanu [ALDE leader and Senate President, ed.n.] wants Iohannis to be an impartial president, but he pushes Daniel Barbu to be a president (of AEP) who violates the principle laid down by law – impartiality! Daniel Barbu, President of the Permanent Electoral Authority and possible ALDE candidate to the European Parliament participated yesterday in the Political Winter School of the ALDE Youth (…) We all know that Mr Barbu was an ALDE member, we do not know if he is anymore, but he certainly behaved as such in exercising the AEP leadership. Things get worse, however, when even he is due to run for office and is organizing the elections at the same time! We are publicly calling for the urgent resignation of the AEP president so as to ensure an electoral process without suspicion,” the deputy leader of the party, Razvan Mitu stated in a press release sent to Agerpres on Sunday.

At the same time, he considers that Parliament should “take action in case of obvious violation of the law”, as the AEP leadership is appointed by the respective legislative forum.

“We do not have this expectation, given the concern for the observance of the law of those who run the two Chambers, but it is worth mentioning Mr. Tariceanu’s double measure when he considers that it is a problem that Mr. Iohannis has announced his candidacy: ‘how much is he the president and how much a candidate’. On the other hand, he encourages Mr. Barbu to participate in political events, to raise suspicions about the organization of the elections, to run from the position of AEP president,” the representative of Pro Romania has stated.

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