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April 16, 2021

Kovesi scandal: Liberals table bill to dissolve Section for Investigating Magistrates, announce motion against JusMin Tudorel Toader

The National Liberal Party (PNL) will table a bill to dissolve the Section for Investigating Magistrates, PNL First Vice President Raluca Turcan announced on Monday. She stated that if magistrates commit abuses they should be censured by the CSM and the Judicial Inspection.

“We have decided today (Monday – editor’s note), during the Executive Bureau meeting, to table a bill to dissolve the Section for Investigating Magistrates, namely to cancel this law that was created by PSD-ALDE as a political instrument against all those who started probes against the corrupt in recent years. The Venice Commission, European Commission, GRECO, have criticised in very harsh terms the setting up of this special section,” Raluca Turcan stated after PNL’s Executive Bureau meeting on Monday.

The Liberal stated that the continued activity of the Section for Investigating Magistrates risks resulting in the activation of Article 7 of the EU Treaty.

“By maintaining this Section, there is the danger that Romania would suffer the consequences of the activation of Article 7 of the European Union Treaty. Citizens are equal before the law and public authorities, without privileges and discriminations, this is what the Romanian Constitution says. Unfortunately, Tudorel Toader, former Constitutional Court judge, is ignoring precisely these important provisions of the Constitution,” Turcan added.

She pointed out that magistrates should be censured by the CSM or the Judicial Inspection for any abuses made.

“If a prosecutor or judge commits abuses, then they should be censured by the CSM and the Judicial Inspection. This way, we also call on these institutions to revert to their constitutional role on whose basis they function. All abuses on the part of judges and prosecutors should be investigated by these bodies which have the constitutional role to censure acts of corruption, wherever they take place, and at the same time to protect the independence and impartiality of judicial institutions,” Turcan concluded.

Former National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) Chief Prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi announced last Wednesday evening that she was subpoenaed by the Section for Investigating Magistrates, as suspect in a dossier in which she is accused of abuse of office, passive bribery and perjury.

In this context, last Thursday, President Klaus Iohannis asked the Section for Investigating Magistrates to urgently clarify the situation concerning the dossier opened on Laura Codruta Kovesi’s name.


PNL tables simple motion against Tudorel Toader: He has done huge harm to Romania

PNL will table within the House, this week, a simple motion against Justice Minister Tudorel Toader, Raluca Turcan announced on Monday. The reasons invoked by the Liberals include the minister’s “campaign” against former DNA Chief Prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi.

“This week we will table a simple motion against Tudorel Toader. He is the minister who has done enormous harm to Romania, both in what concerns the functioning of the judicial system and in what concerns Romania’s image abroad. Externally, Tudorel Toader has acted as a fighter against Romania’s interests. Unfortunately, this sickly obsession he has borrowed from PSD leader Liviu Dragnea, to wangle and hound the institutions at former DNA Chief Prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi, this whole behaviour has become a factor of visible aggression against Romania. He has done huge harm to Romania, not to a person, not to an institution. Given everything Tudorel Toader has done lately, he has basically turned against his country. He must pay,” Raluca Turcan stated following PNL’s Executive Bureau meeting.

Likewise, the Liberals invoke the fact that Tudorel Toader has fulfilled the least amount of points from the promises included in the governance programme.

“Aside from this aspect that has now garnered the whole attention of the public opinion, Tudorel Toader is the minister who has done the least amount of what he undertook in the governance programme, from recovering the salary arrears for court clerks, from supplementing the probation personnel, to introducing ankle monitors so that we would no longer end up releasing dangerous convicts but instead have them monitored and kept in penitentiaries. Also, in this sense, the investments in penitentiaries are basically this Government’s biggest backlog item.

“It is proven that what was in fact sought was a pretext for releasing felons, not better conditions for those serving prison sentences in Romania. It is not PNL’s concern to come up and earmark funds for the improvement of detention conditions. This concern should belong to those who today have ended up being responsible for the release of dangerous individuals who become repeat offenders and who have lately subjected Romania to veritable terror,” Turcan added.


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