PSD’s Dragnea asks to be heard in the DGASPC Teleorman file; trial postponed one month

Liviu Dragnea’s lawyers on Monday asked the judges from the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) to hear the Social Democratic Party (PSD) leader, Liviu Dragnea, in the DGASPC Teleorman case, in which he was sentenced to 3 years and 6 months detention.

A five-judge panel from the Supreme Court on Monday resumed the trial in the DGASPC Teleorman case. The trial has been postponed for five times since September 2018, when it entered its appeal stage, after controversies related to the Supreme Court’s method of selection of the five judges.

Liviu Dragnea did not go to trial on Monday, but his lawyers asked for a new term. Moreover, Liviu Dragnea asked, through his lawyers, for the court to hear several witnesses, among whom Jenica Dumitru, former head of the Department for Legal Affairs, Contencious, Evaluation and Human Resources of DGASPC Teleorman.

Olguta Sefu too, at the time of the facts deputy manager with DGASPC Teleorman asked to be heard in this file, as her lawyer announced in her case the statute of limitations expired.

The other defendants stated they no longer wish to make statements in this case.

The meeting prosecutor, Mariu Vartic, agreed with the hearing of defendants Liviu Dragnea and Olguta Sefu. Moreover, DNA (National Anti-Corruption Directorate) asked for another two defendants to be heard, namely Floarea Alesu and Anisia Stoica.

The court is still to pronounce itself on the requests for evidence as the file was postponed until March 18.

The panel judging Dragnea is composed of judges Simona Daniela Encean, Tatiana Lucia Rog, Alexandra Iuliana Rus, Luciana Mera and Rodica Aida Popa.

The trial is now in its appeal stage, after the High Court of Cassation and Justice sentenced Liviu Dragnea to 3 years and 6 months detention on June 21, 2018, for committing incitement to abuse in office, in the GDASPC Teleorman case file, related to the manner in which Adriana Botorogeanu and Anisa Niculina Stoica were fictitiously hired.

The prosecutors claim that Florea Alesu, executive manager of GDASPC Teleorman, received undue benefits to illegally keep in office the two employees, who didn’t actually work there.

The prosecutors also claim that Liviu Dragnea convinced Anisa Niculina Stoica to get employment with and received money as employee at DGASPC Teleorman.

Dragnea is also being accused of contributing, through his influence as president of the Teleorman County Council, to the maintaining in office of Adriana Botorogeanu and Anisa Niculina Stoica at DGASPC Teleorman.

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