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July 3, 2022

Constantin Brancusi National Day. Minister of Culture: Brancusi’s works preserve authenticity and our nation’s deep conscience. PM Dancila: A day when we honour the sculptor, visionary, genius

Constantin Brancusi’s works are defining for the cultural identity of Romanians, as they preserve the authenticity and our nation’s deep conscience, Minister of Culture and National Identity Valer-Daniel Breaz underscored on Tuesday, in a message he sent on the occasion of “Constantin Brancusi” National Day.

“His entire work and the evolution of his imaginary world are deeply connected with our Christian faith and the life philosophy of the Romanian peasants, who managed to preserve the sovereignty of their socio-cultural matrix, while facing the numerous vicissitudes of history. No matter if we talk about the first versions of “The Kiss,” about the “Bird in Space,” “Sleeping Muse” and “Mademoiselle” or “The Alley of Sounds,” “The Table of Silence,” “The Endless Column,” “The Gate of Kiss,” “The Wisdom of the Earth” or “The Prayer,” Brancusi’s work remains a defining landmark for the philosophical, ethical and esthetic dimension of the Romanian art,” said Breaz.

According to him, “it was not by chance that Constantin Brancusi conceived the monumental assembly in Targu-Jiu, which he built in honouring the memory of soldiers who lost their lives in the First World War, as a distribution of elements around an axis that connects the east, where the sun rises, with the west, where the sun goes to sleep, as it happens in life, and also symbolically he conceived the “Endless Column” as a supreme verticality, which unites, without mediators, the mundane world with the celestial one, the man with God, according to the tradition of the Romanian peasant, who knows each of his gestures had a match in Heaven, from birth till death.”

The Minister of Culture also added that Brancusi’s works mark the consolidation of the Romanian modern art “into a happy and continuous extension of the rural spirit, the tradition and self-conscience of the authentic Romanian.”

“The life and work of Constantin Brancusi remain one of the most significant forms of dialogue of the Romanian culture with the universal art. This is also the reason why we will continue and amplify our approaches to have this heritage recognized by the UNESCO, as well as those approaches meant to bring the most important works of Brancusi back in Romania,” added the official.

Every year, on February 19, the world celebrates Brancusi Day, in memory of the birth of the great Romanian sculptor, on February 19, 1876.


PM Dancila: A day when we honour the sculptor, visionary, genius


Prime Minister Viorica Dancila said in a message on Constantin Brancusi National Day that February 19 is a tribute to the great Romanian artist who carried with him all over the world the Romanian national identity, adding that it is a day that we honor “the sculptor, the visionary, the genius, the maker of shapes inspired by tradition that became reference works of modern sculpture.”

“February 19 is a tribute of the Romanian people to Constantin Brancusi, the great artist who carried with him our national identity in the world. Brancusi’s work exudes the simplicity of the life closely connected with Christian beliefs, combined with special refinement and finery. His creation is an important legacy left to the Romanian people: The Sculptural Ensemble at Targu Jiu, built in memory of the soldiers who died during the WWI, consisting of Masa Tacerii (The Table of Silence), Poarta Sarutului (The Gate of the Kiss) and Coloana Infinitului (Endless Column),” says Dancila in a message on February 19, the Constantin Brancusi National Day”.

She adds that Romania, currently holding the six-month rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union, supports the promotion of the Romanian cultural values harmoniously integrated with the European culture.

“I want to reaffirm the Romanian Government’s intention to support unity in diversity through the actions and activities undertaken at European level, especially in the cultural field. On the Constantin Brancusi National Day we honour the sculptor, the visionary, the genius, the maker of shapes inspired by tradition that became reference works of modern sculpture worldwide,” said Dancila.


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