PSD’s Draghici announces he will run for the AEP head: I will not be a politician anymore . PNL’s Gorghiu: He would be a sort of a wolf guarding the sheep. PSD has to make a decent proposal

On Wednesday, the Parliament established the calendar for appointing the President of the Standing Electoral Authority. Thus, the parliamentary groups will be able to submit their candidacy proposals up to February 25; parliamentarians will make a decision and validate it by voting on February 27.

On Tuesday evening, Social Democrats decided at the Parliament, in the CEx meeting, that the PSD Treasurer Mircea Draghici, previously proposed by PM Viorica Dancila as the Transport Minister, will be proposed as the AEP head, after Daniel Barbu’s (ALDE) resignation.

AEP President Daniel Barbu resigned on Monday from this position in order to run in the EP elections. He stated for MEDIAFAX that his candidacy is not a certain thing, but he wanted to avoid an “ethical incompatibility”.

Mircea Draghici stated on Wednesday that he will submit his candidacy for the AEP head, and it doesn’t seem an abnormal thing to him, given he will no longer be a politician, since he will resign from PSD.

“First of all, let’s see if I’ll go there. First of all, I submit my candidacy. It depends on my colleagues in the Parliament. This was never ALDE’s position within the coalition. It wasn’t. It was Mr. Barbu’s request (Daniel Barbu – e.n.) at this time, which the coalition considered a good choice and it was decided consequently”, Mircea Draghici answered when asked about PSD’s decision to propose him as the President of the Standing Electoral Authority.

Asked if it seems to him a normal thing to be appointed as the AEP head given that he is the current PSD Treasurer, while AEP is checking the parties’ money in the electoral campaign, he said he will no longer be a politician.

“As long as I will not be a politician anymore, yeas, it seems normal to me”, Draghici answered.


Gorghiu: He would be a sort of a wolf guarding the sheep. PSD has to make a decent proposal


PNL Senator Alina Gorghiu stated that Mircea Draghici as the head of AEP would be “a sort of a wolf guarding the sheep” and asked PSD to make “a decent proposal”. She also criticized the approved calendar for appointing the new President of the Standing Electoral Authority.

“Draghici at the Standing Electoral Authority – a sort of a wolf guarding the sheep, because you know very well, Mr. Draghici is the PSD Treasurer, a treasurer against whom the General Prosecutor’s Office started an investigation, since he is accused of fraudulent misuse of the PSD subsidy, amounting 1.8, if I’m not wrong, and luxury cars and other amounts of money which he cannot justify. Unfortunately, we are talking about public money, unfortunately we are talking about public funds, and the person doing exactly this at PSD in favor of Mr. Dragnea is now promoted to the Standing Electoral Authority”, PNL Senator Alina Gorghiu stated on Wednesday at the Parliament.

She added that PNL requested a procedure during a larger period of time, in order to be able to propose an expert at the leadership of the Standing Electoral Authority.

“This calendar is a mess. Requesting the hearing procedure to be ended from today to Monday at the Legal Committees, in order to have the plenary session on Wednesday for voting Mr. Dragnea’s protégé, seems to be too much even for PSD. I make a public warning, Mr. Draghici is subject to a conflict of interest. A person who is investigated by the General prosecutor’s Office, DNA or whatever institutions are investigating him, cannot be appointed to control the Standing Electoral Authority due to the manner in which PSD has spent its money, he cannot be appointed as the head of this authority that checks the political parties in order for him to see how they spent the public money from the subsidy. PSD should make a decent proposal, a balanced and reasonable proposal, because we have four rounds of elections, we’re talking about 2 years with EP elections, presidential, local and parliamentary elections, and we absolutely need a balanced person, who is not suspected for political partiality and who is not playing according to the rules of Dragnea and PSD at AEP. PNL has requested a much wider procedure, a wider calendar in which we can come with an expert as a proposal for the Standing Electoral Authority, so that this authority will not be under the scepter of the politicization made by PSD today at high level”, she added.


PNL on Mircea Draghici’s nomination at helm of AEP: PSD is conveying to all competitors the clear message that the ruling coalition does not intend to guarantee free and fair elections


Referring to the information regarding the nomination of PSD Treasurer Mircea Draghici at the helm of the AEP, the PNL states that the PSD is conveying to all competitors the clear message that the ruling coalition does not intend to guarantee free and fair elections.

“The Social Democratic Party nominating Mircea Draghici as president of the Standing Electoral Authority represents nothing but the confirmation of the fact that Liviu Dragnea’s real intention is to defraud the upcoming set of Romanian elections. It is unacceptable for the person who received a final criminal conviction precisely for electoral fraud to be the same person who endorses the appointment of a new head of the AEP. Against the backdrop in which 4 general election rounds will take place in Romania in the next two years, through the nomination it has made, the PSD conveys to all competitors the clear message that the current ruling coalition does not intend to guarantee free and fair elections,” the Liberals state.

They say that PSD Treasurer Mircea Draghici is accused of embezzling the state subsidies that the party received and of using them to buy luxury cars and to pay monthly rents worth EUR 19,000 and publicity contracts worth RON 1.8 million to the benefit of his wife.

“Apart from the fact that he is in a grave conflict of interests in relation to these actions that are yet to be elucidated, the idea of nominating Mircea Draghici to oversee the fairness of the elections is a contradiction in terms,” the PNL points out.

Normally, following the resignation of the AEP president, the person nominated for this office must be a personality from civil society, who enjoys public recognition and has experience in the electoral process or, in case a political appointment is desired, a person nominated from among non-ruling parties, precisely in order to represent a guarantee that the upcoming elections will take place fairly, the PNL considers. The PNL is asking all parliamentary parties to support a candidate that is not be a member of the ruling coalition.


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