Vodafone Romania IoT smart solutions help retail companies succeed in their digital transformation journey . Vodafone IoT Barometer reports confidence and adoption increase in IoT technology . 74% of businesses that use IoT say that non-adopters will have fallen behind rivals within five years

  • The rapid advancements in technology and breakthrough innovations are shifting traditional retail to digital

Vodafone Romania is offering Internet of Things (IoT) solutions dedicated to companies from various industries. Recently company launched cutting-edge solutions dedicated to the retail companies designed to accelerate their digital transformation journey with direct impact in improving business efficiency and customers’ experiences. Vodafone Business, the new brand philosophy for enterprise, reflects company’s role as a trustworthy partner to deliver business solutions and the best expertise for the companies’ digital success.

“Vodafone is a reliable digital partner for companies in Romania, offering the most relevant suite of smart solutions tailored to each industry’s needs. The future of IoT is very exciting and our teams will continue to design and implement innovative solutions ahead of market. The recent launched retail dedicated solutions help our partners increase processes efficiency, open new revenue streams and improve customer experience”, stated Cristian Giuhat, Director Enterprise Marketing, Vodafone Romania.

Rapid advancements in technology and breakthrough innovations are shifting traditional retail to digital. A seamless shopping experience is mandatory for retailers, regardless of their size. Thus, more and more are reinventing themselves by using the latest technology to improve customer relationships and streamline processes.

Vodafone Romania’s IoT smart solutions portfolio for retail includes a wide range of dedicated solutions among which “Vodafone Smart Counting”, “Vodafone Digital Media Signage & Smart Analytics”, “Vodafone Heat Map”, “Vodafone Stock Alert”, “Vodafone Queue Management”.

“Vodafone Smart Counting” provides retailers with traffic information allowing them to organize the activity in the most efficient way.

“Vodafone Digital Media Signage & Smart Analytics” allows the business owner to run digital promotions based on specific segment criteria increasing the campaigns success rates. From the buyer side this solution provides superior shopping experience.

“Vodafone Heat Map” is monitoring, through smart sensors, the most frequently accessed shopping areas in a store. With the use of the valuable data available, the retailer will be able to better understand shoppers’ needs in order to offer them immediate benefits, as they are able to get their products easier and reduce the time allocated for shopping.

“Vodafone Stock Alert” solution offers retailers a better stock management and increases customer satisfaction by always having their preferred goods on the shelf.  For example, the pastry shelves enabled with smart sensors are monitored in real time. When a shelf reach to a certain quantity of products, the shop staff receives an alert and is able to swiftly prepare new products to fill it, so that the customers  is able to find fresh products at any moment.

The full solutions portfolio dedicated for retail industry is available on

In January 2019, Vodafone has been named by Gartner as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Managed M2M Services, Worldwide for a fifth consecutive year. It is positioned highest for ability to execute and furthest to the right for completeness of vision in the Leaders quadrant.


Vodafone IoT Barometer reports confidence and adoption increase in IoT technology . 74% of businesses that use IoT say that non-adopters will have fallen behind rivals within five years


Vodafone, the global leader in IoT with 80.9 million connections, on Tuesday  announced the findings of its latest IoT Barometer. Surveying 1,758 businesses worldwide, the Barometer finds that more than a third (34%) of businesses now use IoT and that 70% of these adopters have moved beyond pilot stage, while 95% of adopters are seeing the benefits of investment in this technology as it moves into the mainstream.

While use cases for IoT are varied, ranging from medical exoskeletons to connected tyres, the research has found that IoT impacts businesses regardless of size and sector. Sixty per cent of businesses that use IoT agree that it has either completely disrupted their industry or will do so in the next five years. Eighty-four per cent of adopters report growing confidence in IoT, with 83% enlarging the scale of deployments to take advantage of full benefits.

The most advanced companies also saw the greatest return on investment in IoT. Eighty-seven percent of those in the top level reported significant returns or benefits from IoT, compared to just 17% in the “beginner’s” level. These benefits breed increasing reliance on IoT. Seventy-six per cent of adopters say IoT is mission-critical. Some are even finding it hard to imagine business without it — 8% of adopters say their “entire business depends on IoT”.

Looking to the future, new technology will continue to power the performance of IoT. Over half (52%) of adopters plan to use 5G, which promises to support higher volumes of data, increase reliability and offer near-zero latency. Combined with mobile edge computing, which will process application traffic closer to the network edge, users can expect better performance, less risk and faster data speeds.

In Romania, Vodafone has implemented IoT solutions for companies in areas such as retail, energy and utilities, automotive, transport and logistics. In 2018, the company has launched the first live NB-IoT network in Romania with a country-wide coverage, prepared to provide its enterprise customers the possibility to develop and implement a wide range of solutions and applications to improve their business processes.

“Since the last IoT Barometer, we’ve seen an increase of the IoT adoption in Romania as more and more companies are realising the importance of our cost-effective customizable solutions. Vodafone Romania continues to enrich its IoT solution portfolio in order to efficiently respond to market’s needs and to improve our customers’ competitiveness and performance”, stated Eduard Cucu, High Corporate Sales Director, Vodafone Romania.

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