DNA stocktaking report: In 2018, cases worth EUR 412 million in damages sent to court

Interim chief prosecutor of the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) Calin Nistor said on Friday at the presentation of the institution’s stocktaking report that in 2018, DNA has sent to court case files counting for a total estimated damage worth EUR 412 million.

“DNA’s activity focused on recovering the crime’s fruit. Case files counting for a total estimated damage worth EUR 412 million were sent to court. Liens, mortgages on property worth over EUR 400 million. The figure is almost double against 2017,” Calin Nistor said.

According to the DNA head, the “value of the precautionary measures is a lot higher” than in 2017.

On the other hand, Calin Nistor said that in 2018 the activity of DNA’s territorial services was low, many of them having finalised only one indictment.

“As regards the quality of their activity, the structure on positions of those indicted keeps its relevance relative to the nature of our activity. The DNA criminal files focused on high-ranking officials of the state, magistrates, police officers, company managers and persons with the Education and Health system,” the interim head of the DNA added.


Number of complaints, down about 50pct as compared to 2015


Calin Nistor also said on Friday that the number of complaints received by the institution fell by about 50 percent in 2018 as compared to 2015.

“In fact, in 2018 we received from the citizens, legal persons a number of 1,513 complaints, which will be reflected later in the other indicators of the activity of the National Anti-corruption Directorate, namely – causes to be settled, cases actually solved with substantive solutions,” said Calin Nistor at the presentation of the DNA stocktaking report for 2018.

He added that in the second part of last year, emphasis was placed on the more rigorous scrutiny by the hierarchical leaders of the solutions ordered by the prosecutors within the institution.

Nistor also said that, in the context of this low rate of complaints received, the number of files to be solved by the National Anti-corruption Directorate declined by 19 percent as compared to 2017.

“We had 9,191 files to solve as compared to 11,234 the previous year,” Nistor showed.

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